For the most part treat races the same as other settings, with the main difference that many races have signficantly shorter life spans.


Humans are widespread, with the largest concentrations in Xiemia. They live to about 75 years of age.


High Elves and Wood Elves are closely related, primarily divided by societal barriers.

The High Elves are more magically orientated, and are primarily located in the oldest elvish cities, a stagnant memory of the long dead city of Nelfathyr. An exception to this is the ruling class of Xiemia of which elves form the majority of. High Elves live to about 220 years old.

The Wood Elves are a nomadic people, forsaking their high elven ascenstry, ranging between the great forests. Wood elves live to about 180 years old.

Closely related are the drow, who inhibat the labrinths of the deep which were dug by the dwarves long ago. They live to about 220 years old.

It is said that the ancient elves lived signficiantly longer, and while that time is long gone, it is also said their memories are still long.


Most dwarves live in the Dwarven Holdings and the labryinths beneath them. Each city has a ruling clan which is determined by election every 10 years. Most dwarves live to be about 130 years old.


Gnome villages are spread through the lands. Most gnomes live up to 160 years old, although a rare few live up to 300 years old.


Most halflings live in Southern Xiemia, especially in the city of Talalach. They live to be about 100 years old.


Most dragonborn live on The Axe, which is an island west of Xiemia. Dragonborn live to be about 180 years old.


Most half-elves live to be about 160 years old, and are very geographically distributed to regions where both Humans and Elves are located. Successive generations of half-elves tend to look either more human or more elvish.


Half-orcs usually only live to be about 50 years old, with a few very rare half-orcs living to as long as 70 years old. Due to the orcish tribes in Webuki, most half orcs are located in the more civilized Valenta nearby.


Tieflings are geographically disperse, with larger populations in Valenta and Pandras. Tieflings live to around 80 years old.