The World

The known world covers a region a few thousand miles across. Without magic it would take about two months for a traveler moving at good pace to make it from from one end to another.


Much of the ancient history has been lost, but in the 750 years since Odahardt's death, Xiemia has been governed under a feudal system of mostly elvish lords who themselves swear fealty to the crown. Xiemians consider themselves the most civilized, and have had several centuries of relative peace.

The capital of Xiemia is Xiem, and most of the population is composed of humans. The area around Molotyn the primary breadbasket of the Xiemia. Other notable places include the great founderies of Limeport, and the royal university of Kitzsee.

Justice in Xiemia

Law is administered by the justices of the realm. Nominally they serve the Lord of Justice, but they are appointed by the lords of each area they operate in. Nonetheless, the Lord of Justice and the Sovereign of the realm can order and direct them, but typically this means reassignment of a legal case to be overseen by the Lord of Justice or Sovereign.

Typically nobles have free reign, and are only put in jeopardy if another noble brings a case against them, or if the Lord of Justice does so. If it originates from another noble, typically the Lord of Justice swiftly assumes the case.

This system has some resemblence to much more independent judiciary of Ancient Xiem, which was only beholden to the emperor.

The Free States

The free states of Oures and Carasso are ruled by merchant princes. The free state of Bresso was but is now ruled by a military dictatorship, being taken over in a coup about 20 years ago.

The merchant princes have major coastal trade routes, and the only rule worth anything to them is to honor a contract. When it comes to anything else, all is fair game. Contracts are enforced by independent arbritration committees, with the jurisdication being determined by the contract.

The Dwarven Holdings

The main Dwarven Holdings are Them Rhoram, Vomwahr, Them Boldar and Henrin. Each city is ruled by a clan selected by election, except Henrin, which was taken over by the Drow, who the dwarves have been long at war with. There is a vast network of tunnels beneath these cities.

The Shattered Islands

These independent islands are rich in mineral wealth, exotic foods and spices, and pirates. The trade princes has considerable interest in the area.

Drow Houses (Underdark)

For the drow that live underground, most drow belong to a house. Each drow house may be matriarchal, or patriarchal, although matriarchal houses are more common. The hierarchy within a house generally has the house head at the top, with the dominant gender family members below them, followed by the non-dominant gender family members, and then the non-family members of either gender at the bottom.


Salkire - Small mountain kingdom which has collapsed due to a civil war as well as recent orcish incursions.

Webuki - The "Savage Lands". Home to many orcish tribes, as well as other uncivilized. There is an enormous tower of unknown orgin at the center, and the land is covered in thick jungle. On the western end is the city of Valentia, which surves as the major port of the area.

The Axe (Volkross) - The dragonborn homeland, which the dragonborn believe the island is composed of the remains of a once great dragon.

Leruvia - Ruled by a young Queen who has recently made peace with Xiemia. There are those who say the true power of the throne lines with one of her trusted advisors.

Felranlume - All that remains of the ancient High Elf kingdoms. Each of the cities has its own ruling body composed of a council of elders, and they form a loose confederacy.

The Labyrinth - A maze of tunnels deep beneath the land, believed to be dug by dwarves long ago. There are few entrances, with most in the dwarven holdings.