If you look far enough or deep enough, there is evidence of civilization dating back tens of thousands of years. The recounting of ancient history is fragmented, and almost no recorded history dates back past 8000 years.

Many scholars believe that there was some sort of calamity where the shattered islands are now which unmade the world. Through a long period of time, civilization remade itself, and the empire of Xiem rose.

But some 800 years ago, the world was unmade again. The world was overtaken by war, as a powerful cohort's internal strife embroiled the Elven Kingdoms to the north with the Empire of Xiem. This war was only ended by unleashing of a powerful magic storm, and decades were lost to a winter, which some thought may never end. The seasons did actually still come by, but summer only lasted a month, and the harvest was meager. The free states benefited from mild weather, and prospered relative to the now collapsed empire of Xiem.

In the lands of the empire of Xiem, a tyranny of all sorts of evil creatures of winter reigned, until Odahardt went forth and slew the frost giant king who ruled the lands. The winter ended, and he then spent the next 40 years uniting the scattered human tribes, forming the kingdom of Xiemia.

Odahardt died without a heir, and the lands threatened to fall into chaos, until they were reunited by the elvish lords under Queen Aessa, who had been one of Odahardt's comrades who slew the frost giant king. After years of conquest, the Queen's peace began.

However, the long dead specter of fallen kingdoms and empires returned to wage war again. This time Xiem stood strong, but to the south, seemingly unrelated, the free state of Bresso was destroyed by a powerful magic spell. There were also rumors that the Afluxir were active again, and this was how they finally settled their long conflict, this time for good.