Raider Diplomat

Ravosh gets a response via letter from his brother about Lisbeth. Lisbeth had done a lot of soul searching, and there would have been a scandal with the marriage, as the twins were born early. But then, she disappeared without warning. The ring is also mentioned, and a Trace Hatfield, who sold a lot of silver ingots and metallic ink to her, and her contact with someone on Fairy Island.

Birdmeat returns, and reports that Pippa's report was accurate, at least. There are about twenty raiders, and we decide we can deal with them before the upcoming trade delegation. Pippa brings her own band of merry men along, and we notice that Lore Mercier is the only one of them who actually takes good care of his equipment.

The trip takes more than a day, so we end up making camp. Sai sneaks around, and is caught by Lore, but Lore is willing to overlook Sai's activities for a small price.

We reach the area where the bandits are. We briefly decide to plan our attack, but we end up with just having Dhell make an illusion while Ravosh makes a fog cloud.

The fog disrupts them, but in the end it also provides an avenue for some of the bandits to try to make their escape as their companions are slaughter. But even with the lead, we still manage to capture most of the survivors.

Pippi is determined to stay in the area, and Dhell makes it clear that he will be watch to see if she does anything untrustworthy. Lore leaves, and it's clear he isn't normally a part of Pippi's party.

We ride back, interogating one of our captives on the way back. Apparently they knew we were coming, due to a "magic squirrel", but it obviously didn't help them much. He does indicate Pippi is a raider like him. We'll just see if Pippi becomes legitimate, at least in our eyes. It's really just a matter of tribute to the family, of course.

We make it back just before the trade delegation, and we prepare ourselves to be presentable, without time to actually get some dust off from the road.

Lady Cecilia Stone steps off the boat, and she is the primary member of the delegation, as an ambassador from Zeconi.

At dinner, Lady Stone makes her intentions clear. She wishes to invest in the island, and also has need of "a group of adventurers" to deal with a nuisance of monsters. We don't find out where, however, these monsters might be.

Dhell has some ideas for Lady Stone's investments, being primarily centralized around starting a mage's guild with a teleportation circle. Ravosh wants to survey the island, which seems much more likely to get her approval.