A Meaty Lair

Jess complains no one reads her emails. Drew isn't here. Coincidence?

Birdmeat scouts the tunnel ahead, and finds a formorian, but not before the formorian sees the owl as well. It emerges from its hiding place and charges past us, knocking Sai and Ravosh aside. We attack it as it passes by us, but it seems to be ignoring us, so we decide to not follow it.

Odd thing though. It had a piece of twine on its arm as well.

We continue down the tunnel, looking for a way out. Sai finds a secret passage with a cunningly hidden door, and with Dhell's help the door is opened, revealing what appears to be a storeroom for drying meat.

Sai and Dhell search the room and find several valuable items. Aside from a few gems and pearls, there is a carved bone statuatte of some unknown figure, a gold ring set with bloodstones, and coincidentally, the lanet resin the twins were here for.

I examine the ring, and Alyse grabs it from my hand, saying it is a family heirloom.

Sai finds another hidden latch leading through a small trap door, so we open it and make our way through. Luckily enough, it leads to the outside.

We head back to Croft Manor, and the twins are unusually quiet.

Sai tries to steal the ring back from the twins, but only managed to find the fungus, the lanet resin. Ravosh tries a more direct approach and finds out that "family" that Alyse referred to is specifically their mother, Lisbeth Warren.

Sai asks around town and finds out the town jeweler's father crafted it, and it was a magic ring that could hold spells, or something like that. Only a year later Lisbeth Warren herself disappeared, along with the ring.

The twins become convinced Ravosh stole the lanet resin, but it becomes clear to them that really they should be looking for Sai. They find out Sai was seen at Dhell's place (where Sai was asking about a paper with a list of reagents he had also stolen from the twins), but Sai makes his escape just as the twins arrive. Unluckily for Sai, the twins were expecting that, and Alyse catches him going out the window.

Reluctantly, Sai gives the fungus up, and plots petty revenge.

Lord Croft has Sai and I hold court in his place.

The first petitioner is a squat man, Mr. Graphin. He tries to sell us some sheep, and we go to see several of them. It soon becomes clear he knows nothing of sheep, but we only tell him we will think on it.

The next petitioner is a local farmer, and he asks if we heard anything about Liando, as he hasn't heard anything from the village. We promise to send some scouts.

Pippa Merkle is next, and she clams there is a group of raiders, and wants us to send some soldiers to deal with them. We become suspicious of her motives, but decide to send Dhell's owl to reconnoitre the area to verify her claims.