The Pirate King

The unofficial capital of the Shattered Islands is Ecago, as this is where the pirate king is said to rule. Many pirates pay tribute there, as many pirates are a superstitious lot believing it gives them good luck. The actual definition of what "tribute" means varies greatly, with some pirates claiming their spending of coin on drink and pleasurable company suffices.

The city also serves as a major port near the Rift, which is a massive gash in the land which leads to the Underdark. While the rift itself has become a large lake which requires diving deep to reach the underdark, there are also secret entrances to the cave which allow dry access, both from within the city itself and not.

The last few years have led to some great changes with many of the great pirate captains having been killed or gone missing. There are even rumors the old pirate king was killed. The void did not remain for long, and there are even rumors there is a new secretive pirate king. Among the new captains is Lierele Brightwood, from far away Limeport.

The destruction of the free state city of Bresso two years ago has also led to complications in the system of contracts between the trade princes of the free states, which has only increased competition between the various factions within the Shattered Islands.

There have been rumors that Captain Brightwood is hiring on a crew.