The Pirate King

The unofficial capital of the Shattered Islands is Ecago, as this is where the pirate king is said to rule. Many pirates pay tribute there, as many pirates are a superstitious lot believing it gives them good luck. The actual definition of what "tribute" means varies greatly, with some pirates claiming their spending of coin on drink and pleasurable company suffices.

The city also serves as a major port near the Rift, which is a massive gash in the land which leads to the Underdark. While the rift itself has become a large lake which requires diving deep to reach the underdark, there are also secret entrances to the cave which allow dry access, both from within the city itself and not.

The last few years have led to some great changes with many of the great pirate captains having been killed or gone missing. There are even rumors the old pirate king was killed. The void did not remain for long, and there are even rumors there is a new secretive pirate king. Among the new captains is Lierele Brightwood, from far away Limeport.

The destruction of the free state city of Bresso two years ago has also led to complications in the system of contracts between the trade princes of the free states, which has only increased competition between the various factions within the Shattered Islands.

Bildor Ironfist has hired on a group of adventurers to help him raid the tomb of a long dead pirate captain who had a crisis of conscience before his death. These three adventurers, who had recently crewed together on the Princess Sardine, were composed of:

  • Charlie, a runaway fairy princess
  • Avyll Zale, a knowledge hungry drow
  • Caramip, a free-spirited gnomish druid who is accompanied by a fire spirit

Inside the tomb was filled with restless undead. There was treasure to be found, but Bildor was apparently looking for a specific item, a magical spear of some sort, which was not found within. The only clue pointed at someone affiliated with Xiem.

With the tomb explored and cleared of undead, they set out to return to Ecago, but not before being boarded by the Titan Beetle. Once they were taken aboard, the behavior of Captain Greenbottle ordered they be returned to the ship, and with the parting gift of an enormous wheel of cheese.

Once back in Ecago, Charlie, Avyll, and Caramip were hired on by a kenku named Smasher to acquire the ears of a hobgoblin who Smasher said had wronged him. Suspecting the kenku might not be telling the truth, and to see if anyone the kenku had been trying to hire anyone else, they reached out to the community of Ecago. What they found only made them more suspicious, as several adventurers had gone missing after talking to the kenku as well.

Their curiosity had grown, so the group followed the crude map the kenku had given them, reaching a keep which had been out of disuse for quite some time. Inside they found goblins of a suspicious infernal connection, as well as minor fiends. As they ascended, the evil nature of this place became more apparent, as the bodies of many victims were found, including that of one of the adventurers heard to have been sent to investigate earlier.

Additionally, the upper floors were covered in tar, and curious as to the material, and finding it stored in barrels, they set it aflame. It burst into flame quickly. They tried to put it out, but was only able to partial smother.

With the assured destruction of the keep, they raced to the top floor. There they met Klakag, with Smasher by his side. Klakag revealed that it was all a test, and that he wished to hire the group to help him find the pirate king, so Klakag could the pirate king. Klakag revealed also this wasn't the first pirate king, as the first one had been Tygnus, one of the Afluxir, and the pirate captains had resisted him when Tygnus insisted on raiding Xiem.

Sensing they couldn't say no, and beside Klakag had just paid them 100 gold, they agreed to Klakag's terms, and left hastily before the place completely went up in smoke. Strangely, Klakag didn't seem to mind.