Prologue, Part 2

The prologue continues...

Ravosh and I are spotted by Davomir, and he leads us back to the main building. Davomir goes and talks with father about the code he got from Tessa. It's about the trade deal, and not favorable for us.

The next day, the talks happen, and armed with the detail provided, Father is prepared and improves our family's standing on the trade deal.

After lunch, Dhell follows Tessa and Rachelle. They try to disguise that they are snooping around. Meanwhile, Sai is also snooping around town.

Davomir goes hunting for Sai, and finds him hanging outside the second story of the inn. Davomir throws a rock at Sai, who jumps into the nearby window, to find it is Yves's room.

Yves is surprised to see Sai come through the window, but they end up playing some dice.

Meanwhile, the twins are up to something, and one of their spells backfires with the sound of an explosion. Alyse emerges, white as a sheet. The color has been literally drained from her.

It's evening time, and it's time for dinner and then a ball.

The twins are missing, but those of us who are younger are free to leave before the ball, but after a short performance. The twins were supposed to lead the instruments, but instead Carric, Sai and Davomir are tapped to accompany Lorelei. It's an unmitigated disaster that even Lorelei is unable to cover for.

Lady Reva is not pleased, and sends them all to their rooms.

After the ball, Ravosh finds the twins, providing them some polish to give Alyse a little bit of color, but the polish's color is drained immediately when applied. Lacking any better ideas, they have Ravosh find a book, but Dhell spots them and has Altaire and I tattle on the twins and Ravosh. The twins try to lay all the blame on Ravosh, but Lady Reva doesn't believe him.

Sai finds Panic and they go snooping around some more, and they find some strange things in Rachelle's room, which after bringing to Dhell, is identified as poison. Sai reports it to father.

There is a great hunt the next day, and only a few stay behind. We are successful and a great feast is held.

In the day following the hunt are games of skills followed by the discussion of marriage. Father tells Davomir that Rachelle is a spy, but would still like the marriage talks for her hand to go through, as she may be able to be turned to our side. Davomir agrees.

Davomir makes up for some previous poor showings by winning both the games of archery and darts. We also do a melee tournament, with Ravosh and I tying for first place.

Rachelle leaves and Dhell has Sai follow her. She breaks into the master suite, and poisons some corked wine. Sai brings the wine to father, telling him what he saw her do, but father says it is Davomir's decision.

Davomir decides to confront her, and if he fails, to use the wine against her. Sai distracts Lord Drake so they can talk alone, although the manner of distraction being porridge does not please Lady Reva. Our father, Lord Croft, seems mildly amused, however.

Rachelle denies everything, so Davomir talks to father. Father is less amused by this, pointing out that it puts us in a bad situation. So, Davomir enlists the help of the twins next, in exchange for a gold coin and a favor at a later date.

Alyse produces a bean, and gives it to Davomir, saying that it will solve Davomir's problem. Davomir tries to put it in Rachelle's food, but Rachelle notices, and asks what it is.

Alistair asks if it is some sort of custom, and Father covers for Davomir, saying that it is a small favor, in acceptance of marriage proposal. A "good faith bean", as it were.

Lord Drake leaves the table and goes to his room. Dhell follows, and sees Lord Drake blank the windows and start cursing up a storm, calling our family barbarians. Little does he know. He then calms down and returns to the table.

Rachelle eats the magic bean and washes it down, to no effect. Noone dies of any poisoned wine, either.

Lord croft, Lord drake, Alistair retire to negotiate marriage between Rachelle and Davomir. Lady Reva also gathers the ladies, and Yves looks incredibly bored by the idea.

That evening we have another feast, and the marriage arrangement is announced. Rachelle gives Davomir a gift wrapped in velvet. It is a divination card with his face on it, but it is not freshly painted.

The rest of the delegation will be leaving, but Yves will be staying for a while.

On the fall equinox, Davomir and Rachelle are married, and Rachelle has a white ring which she never takes off.

Several years pass.

Ravosh has only just recently returned from his apprenticeship with Walt, and he has some small tokens for us, including for me a book which has a strange bank note in it.

Dhell has an owl friend now, and they seem disturbingly in tune with each other.

Davomir has a house of his own where he lives with his wife, but it's not a good marriage.

I've been spending time with Altaire, who is father's favorite, which really annoys him.

Lady Reva has been ill recently.

Yves has returned again, and asks for assistance from Lord Croft in protection of a village which has come under frequent attack. Ravosh, Sai, Dhell, Altaire and I are all told by father to go with Yves, so we leave on horseback.

Near the village we talk and speak briefly with Mad Calrton, who has a strange 8 legged wagon.

We find out that the town has been under attack goblins mostly, but there has also been a creature with long towns. Originally they were attacked through the gate, but more recently a large whole was made in the walls surrounding town.

We start planning what to do...