Are we good to go? We might be.

Legion feels a large bang noise go through him, like he is ripped to shreds, stabbed with thousands of tiny daggers.

I see an explosion down at a gas station, and I hop on my door to check it out.

Vebelatiin walks nonchalantly out from another explosion.

Piper, Legion and Aaron arrive as well, with Meekal not far behind. Meekel sends rose petals flying at Vebelatiin, but they seem to get reflected off. Refraction tries to hit him with a laser as well, but her attack is reflected, and she collapses.

Legion his hit by tiny daggers from nowhere again, but this time they are absorbed by his shadow harmlessly.

A streak of something comes out of nowhere and hits me and Aaron. Aaron rolls away, but I absorb the brunt of the explosion.

I hit Vebelatiin with my door, he grunts in surprise, but I can feel that he is also absorbing energy from it as well.

Meekal goes over to heal Refraction, his staff of Asclepius glowing.

Koi arrives in a tidal wave, and shoots a blast of water at Vebelatiin.

Another streak of explosion comes out of the sky and hits me.

Piper teleports away to find out where the artillery fire is coming from. It doesn't take her long to find a man on fire, standing but with his head bowed.

He looks around wildly, his eyes unfocused, but he spots Piper. He suddenly flies into the air and splits into multiple copies. One of them heads strait at Piper and then explodes.

Piper hits him with her mystic bolts, and she is soon joined by Sanctuary, who offers her protection from his attacks, if she needs it.

Meekal heals Aaron as well, and Koi peppers Vebelatiin with ice spikes. Refraction blinks away.

Aaron and I strike Vebelatiin again and again. He's obviously wounded by attacks, but somehow seems to grow more stronger with them as well.

Koi attacks him again with ice, but she's collapses.

The needles of death, whatever they are, go after me, but they only nick my skin a little.

Finally, Vebelatiin goes down, falling to his knees. He tries to do something with his suit, but is unable. Aaron stomps his head.

The man on fire comes to us, and Ithrow my door at him, missing, and I run off to go get it. Meekal also departs with an unconcious Koi.

Aaron flies up to punch the man on fire.

Some light dances before my eyes, and I follow it, and find Refraction and a banshee-like lady clad in green silk fighting each other. I provide Refraction with much needed assistance.

The Silver Knight appears out of nowhere, and he is weilding a revolver that looks suspiciously like Ronald's. He fires at Banshee, and she stumbles, and he walks up to her. His gauntlet glows, and she is knocked unconscious.

He picks her up, and then turns to us, and asks where the others are. I tell him.

The battle is over, and Piper contacts Gemma. It seems it will take some time for Koi to recover, and not even Meekal is able to heal her.

Piper was actually more worried about Dr. Nibbles, but okay, good to know.

Gemma doesn't know Dr. Nibbles is.

Piper hangs up, and hears a meow from behind. Dr. Nibbles. She picks the cat up.

I return to my home, while the others find new accommodations, and we all spend some time on a well earned rest.

Piper gets a call from Alexandria Hayward, and finds out that apparently registering will be a thing again.

Before Piper can call Gemma, Gemma calls her. Gemma has work.

There are chosen who want to leave for Foundation, but don't have the papers. Perhaps we can help.

Legion and I buy a bus, and we attach my door to it. This will make a fine aircraft, we decide.

Piper and Aaron collect the chosen that we are to transport, and we depart on our journey to foundation.