The First Six Months

This is the first session of Jeff's new Mutants and Masterminds campaign.

New York City

I had a door. It was supposed to be a delivery.

But then there was an explosion in the building across the street.

I could hear screaming within, so I went in.

I wasn't the only one there. A few others had also been help moving the people from the building.

But then the man in the white tuxedo showed up.

Floating. Everything is blurry.

I'm in a cylindrical tank. I can see other tanks nearby, with others in them. I can also see two figures fighting. One is dressed in white, and the other seems larger and darker.

A point of light floats into my vision. It hovers for a moment, and hen explodes into a flash of light.

A young woman, just a teenager really, hovers in front of her. She wears a yellow and white body suit, and I see that she has an emblem of a dove.

She looks at one of the tanks, and mutters something. Then she looks at the next tank, and seems surprised. She goes over to a locker, and several points of light forms around her, and beams expand outward.

They hit a locker, and the locking mechanism breaks, revealing several objects, as well as my door. She turns towards us, gives a thumbs up, and the disappears with the items, in another flash of light.

The man in white backs up towards my tank, and his hands glow red. Standing over him is another figure in black bulky body armor, with light reflecting off of his pale bald head. The picks the man in white up by the throat with one hand, and with the other submerges his hand into his chest. Ribbons of energy swirl from the wound into the bulky bald man.

After a moment, the large man dumps the lifeless body onto the ground, and steps to a nearby tank, and plunges his hand inside. The body in the tank struggles, but is soon lifeless as well.

Water from the now destroyed tank leaps from the ground, and knocks the bald man off balance, and a woman appears from the water. Her hair is black, a striking contrast to her pale skin, and she is wearing only a leotard.

Like the teenager we saw before, she bears the sign of a dove.

Suddenly the liquid around me seems to be swirling and rushing, and it feels like I'm falling deeper into the water, as if the tank is not even there. I try to swim forward, and after gasping and grasping my way through the water, have found I have been shoved by the water onto a grassy area next to a pond.

The dark haired woman emerges from the pond as well, and I notice she has some sort of tatoos running down the sides of her arms.

She bends down to look over one of the other unconscious figures she rescued, and for the first time, I can clearly see the other figures who were just in tanks nearby to me.

Piper Andrejenko (Jess), with her half white hair, half purple. Light shines from her skin. She speaks with a southern accent.
Legion (Chad), who seethes darkness from his missing eye, and his cracked hands which seem to bleed red. A man who seems to know only poverty.
Aaron (Dan), an attractive man with flame red and blue hair, and lots of tattoos.

I, of course, have a great big bushy beard. Also I'm a lot larger than most and have ox-like horns coming forth from my head.

Our rescuer introduces herself as Koi. She looks to be Japanese and at least middle aged, but she has an aura of regality to her. She tells us she belongs to an organization called Hérauts de la Paix (Heralds of Peace), along with her companion Refraction, who we met earlier.

A van drives up, from over a small hill, and two people step out.

One is an overweight Indian Man with a tablet, and the other is a muscular man dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, with a rifle on his shoulder.

Koi has been tending to the unconscious man (Sanctuary is his name, apparently), and glances up at them and says they also belong to the organization as well.

A mote of light zips past us, and then turns into a girl. It's Refracted, and she has several of our things.

I put my hand out, and my door comes to me as if by magic.

She turns to look at us, and seems surprised. We're the CitySpire Saviors, she tells us. One of us saved her mother.

Koi waves her hand, and says she needs to take the injured man to a healer. With that, the pond water washes around the injured man, and she and him are dragged into it before disappearing.

Omar tells us he needs our help. Koi and Refracted are needed elsewhere, and they have no one else to deal with it.

The nearby town of Larned has gone dark. There was about 4000 people, but something has happened, and there is rumor of a chosen in the area. The Hell Queen, she is called, and she abuses her powers. She seems to have the powers of fire.

We leave, and Omar provides us with clothes and phones. They're fancy phones.

It's been six months since chosen first started appearing, and we missed all of it. Any family we have is probably in protective custody. Frank nods at us.

Omar tells us that things have gotten pretty messy at there. Kansas is under martial law. Many chosen try to do what's right, but many don't. Take the guy in body armor we saw. Matteeo Iveldi. He's part of the Soldiers of Armegeddon, and they don't seem to mean well for anyone.

Omar stops the van. The town is up ahead, and Omar feels like he'd be a liability.

Welcome to Larned.

We walk into the deserted town. There are a few cars with their doors open, as if their drivers had sudden business they had to take care of.

Just outside a convenience store we spot a man laying on the ground. He looks highly emaciated. Dan examines him, and the man growns. A pile of chips lay strewn around next to him, and it looks like he was trying to eat.

Dan finds some soup and feeds him, and the man seems to be doing a little better.

We ask him a few questions, and he answers painfully.

He was traveling, and then he got so damn hungry. He ate a little, but then it got even worse.

We take him to the clinic, and we find some other people on our way. Legion produces some strange shadowy creatures, and sends them around to find more people.

Most people pretty confused, but improve noticeably after a little bit of water and soup.

Legion finds a map at a motorcycle club of sorts, that has been scribbled on and says "headquarters" in big red marker. It's at a park.

We check the park out, and we notice smoke coming from several small fires.

We go in. Aaron hits a tree in slow motion, and shouts "we're here!". We see a palisade, which I decide to burst through.

There are several bikers surrounding a building, and Legion knocks them all out in a rush of shadow.

It's very hot here, and fire surrounds the building as well.

We try to put the fire out, with little effect, so Aaron runs into the fire, and finds a woman. Her dirty blonde hair is a tangled mess, and she screams at Aaron. It's the Hell Queen.

I run after Aaron, and she forms a fire whip with her hands, and whips it through the cabin. Aaron dodges out of the way, and I block it with my shield.

Legion grows very large and with a shadow punch, knocks her out cold. We hear laughter, and Piper casts a spell, revealing a thin woman trying to attack Legion.

Legion knocks her out too, and we put out the fire.

Aaron contacts Omar, and tells him about the two we have capture. He tells us Koi will come to us shortly what was she doing? and sure enough after a minute she emerges from the water. She asks who the second woman is, but we have no idea either.

Koi takes the bikers and the two chosen away, and we return to town.

I check into my shop. It looks like it was broken into, but is mostly intact.

I find some signs someone was rummaging through my office, but nothing seems to be missing.

The lock is broken to my apartment upstairs, and like my office, there is evidence someone was messing around.

I get to repairing and cleaning up.

The others get to dealing with things too. Legion goes to sleep in the subway. Aaron sees to the bar where he had employed at. Piper finds a lot of junk mail at her apartment.

The next morning, and someone walks into my shop.

He seems really weirdly interested in me, and gives me a phone number, and says he wants to hang.

I tell him I will think on it.

Omar has texted me an address where he wants me to meet up with one of his associates. I go there after a bit.

We all reach the penthouse.

Gustav Valluy, another associate of the Heralds of Peace is there.

He tells us he is the personal assistant to Jemma, as as a token of her gratitude she has rented this place out to us.

Aaron and I feel like we'll be staying at our own places.

An image of a woman appears on the wall. She says her name is Gemma. Behind her is a logo that says in a nice looking font "GemCore".

She says that she understands that we are the CitySpire saviors.

Well, I guess that's what they call us.

Aaron really wants to know how we were kidnapped, and Gemma says that we were kidnapped by Hat Trick, apparently for experimentation. He attempts to control chosen via some sort of chemical, but since we were unharmed and unaffected, it seems he ran into some sort of issue.

She goes on to mention the Sons of Armageddon, whose leader seems to consume the power of chosen outright. She's not sure why he was there too, but doubts he had the same source of information she had.

Also, Refraction secured a phone off the site. It seems the recent events were related to a group called the Puppeteers. We may see some sort of retribution from them in the future.

In the past, Gemma had walked the past of peace, but many chosen have unfortunately taken hostile paths.

This is a sitcom...

Piper gets a cat called Dr. Nibbles.