The Raider Camp

Let's do this! Let's kick some dragon cultist butt!

Our objective is to hunt the raiders, and discover their intentions. Oh yes, and rescue that monk.

We consider our next move. Perhaps Alissa should sneak in? Or we could pass as mercenaries.

We get close to where we think the camp might be, when we are startled by boulders being rolled onto us.

A group of cultists ambushed us, but these ones are dressed differently, in black leather tunics. These seem to be a more dedicated sort of cultist. Veterans.

I cast a couple spells and put several of them to sleep, and Shale runs up the ravine embankment to deal with one set of them, while Luke runs up the other.

One throws a spear and Alissa, and she runs off before returning several seconds rater.

Many of them seem to be able to call flame onto us, which they do with great effect.

I help Luke finish his off, and soon they're all dead, sleeping, or fleeing.

We kill the fleeing cultists, and tie up the sleeping ones.

We wake them, and interrogate them. They seem reluctant to talk, but we get a few answers out of them.

This particular group was waiting, to make sure the raiders weren't being followed, as instructed by one of the leaders. They attacked the city to collect treasure for their dragon lords. "Hail Tiamat!" The cultists don't seem to know why here and now, they follow the will of their leaders: Rezmir, Forlum Mondath and Langdedrosa Cyanwrath.

They refuse to answer any more questions.

We decide the prisoners should face justice, so Shale, Luke and I take them back to town, while Alissa scouts around. We take Alissa's horse with us.

We return to Greenest. It's late, and Governor Nightwill is woken.

We give him what little information we have found so far, primarily the name of the cultist leaders, and we hand the prisoners over.

We rest the night.

We return to our meeting place to find Alissa waiting.

Alissa tells us they found the bodies. She wasn't able to find much out either. They've been increasing security, and have erected some watchtowers. There's probably several hundred of them, too.

We decide to put on black... cultist robes, and sneak in the back. We climb down the cliff face, and make it into the raider's camp.

We sneak around, and Luke and I are noticed. He seems awful insistent that we don't belong.

Nothing a little sleep spell won't solve.

We drag him off to the trees, and take care of him permanently.

Alissa is noticed too, but not just by one person, but an entire group. A mob forms around her, and she is taken to Forlum Mondath. Frolum looks Alissa over, and she tells her to kneel, and pronounces her sentence. Alissa is to die in the morning.

Alissa is dragged out, and tied to a stake, where there is one other prisoner already waiting.

It's the monk. He's an elf, and he's obviously been through a lot. Alissa talks to him quietly, and he seems intent on staying and learning more. He wants to know what Alissa's plans are, and just in case she came without a plan, the monk shows her his knife.

They talk a little more, but before long the monk falls unconscious.

We try to mingle with the camp, but I'm pulled away by an overseer to do some menial work. Doesn't seem to suspect me though.

Luke approaches a group of cultists, and they seem to be talking about provisions. Hunters are sent out every night to collect game to feed the camp. They're jealous though, as most if it gets sent to the cave to feed hatchlings, which is apparently well guarded. Still, they're fed well enough, praise Tiamat's glory.

Shale finds out that Cyanwrath is Mondath's right hand, but Rezmir is the leader of the camp. Shale also observes that the cultists seem to have two different greetings, one referring to Tiamat's hidden strength (two fingers down) and one referring to Tiamat's glory (all fingers outstretched), referring to her five heads.

I escape latrine digging duty, and we meet back up. We watch the guards around the two prisoners, who are out in the open. Nobody seems to be paying particular attention to the prisoners other than the guards, and the guards aren't watching the outside area more than the prisoners. They're also circling the prisoners every so often.

Should be able to take care of most of them with a sleep spell or two. But after two, one of the guards is still standing, but by digging into my sorcery with one final spell, the other is out too.

Alissa gets free using the monk's knife, and frees the still sleeping monk as well.

We tie the guards up and drag them off. What else do you do. Uh...sit them up so they look like they're sleeping?

We wrap the monk in a blanket, and we go back to where we came in. It takes us a while to get back up the cliff face, and not long after we've made it up and are fleeing into the night, we hear the alarm raised.

We make it back to town, and the monk takes several days to recover.

Governor Nighthill wants to throw a ceremony in our honor. Shale seems all for it. We're presented with medals, and the gold Governor Nighthill had promised us.

We talk to the monk. He isn't fully well yet, but he can answer a few questions.

He'd actually been studying the cult for a while, and had found out that they were planning something. Their camp has been around for a few months, and had been operated originally by using prisoners. With Greenest being poorly defended and in close proximity, he had warned the Governor.

The monk's warnings didn't fall on deaf ears, but there was little time to do anything other than try to make sure everyone knew where to go in case of attack.

Now that they've sacked Greenest, they're unlikely to return, as they can range wide and far. All the gold and loot goes into the cave, known as "The Nursery" and only Rezmir knows exactly how much is in there, as only he and Mondath are permitted to enter.

The blue dragon is a reluctant ally of the cult, as the hatchlings are her young, and Rezmir commands her. It seems she has flown off though, and it's unknown when she might return.

The monk was caught it town, but managed to escape, and was scouting out the rest of the camp, when he was caught again.

The monk is tired, and he has a favor to ask of us. Come again tomorrow, when perhaps he is feeling well enough to talk again.

Things to ask next session, since Chad was unwilling to have the monk answer this session: What's the next town targeted? Are there any other cells?