Greenest Under Assault

This is the first session for this dungeon and dragons campaign, that Chad is running. It's a premade, and apparently the first "Day" of the campaign is brutal....

Shale comes out of the room where she had been talking to her father. He's dead, she says. And he had one last request, one that Shale cannot refuse.

When Lord Redfield has been a younger man, he had smuggled goods for a cult, which made him fabulously wealthy. His past weighed on him, and he wanted his daughter to restore the family honor, and make right his wrongs.

We all agree to help.

Shale Redfield (Dan) A paladin of the Scarlet Murmur, an order of the goddess Lliira. A tan skinned half-elf, who typical ties her blonde hair into a pony tail. She commonly wears a scarlet muffler around her next with her armor.

Luke Butler (Jess) - A warlock of the old ones, and a veteran of the Sembian War. His clothing has a lot of sharp edges, and goes with his black hair.

Senara Atlassan (Me) - A half-elf sorcerer seeking mastery of her powers. Shoulder length auburn hair, plain clothes and a shiny crystal focus.

Alissa Tate (Jeff) - A rogue who was infiltrated the dragon cultists once before. An woman with blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. Each new town is a chance to lighten some wallets.

Alissa knows these cultists. They've been trying to resurrect a dragon god or something like that. It's separated into cells though, so it's hard to get a good idea of the overall structure. They often hire on mercenaries though, and there's been increased activity near the Greenfields and the Sword Coast.

We soon hire onto a merchant caravan. Goldhand and his partner Ironhand are contacts of the late Lord Redfield. He makes a big loop that leads him from the Sea of Fallen Stars to the Sword Coast, around Baldur's Gate. Goldhand deals with the merchants and the money, and Ironhand is the muscle, but they appreciate beinging additional adventurers to increase protection.

It's just one wagon, and he'll be heading through Greenest, which is probably the best place to look first.

The trip takes about a month. Goldhand maintains his wagon very well. He also has a weird firestone.

On the way Alissa mentions she once belonged to a merchant family, but they went bankrupt.

It's night. We're a few miles from Greenest, when we hear sounds in the distance. A blue dragon flies out of the sky, and we can see attackers attacking the town.

Goldhand won't be stopping at Greenest this trip. He tells us that if we are to continue in, we should make for the keep. That should give us our best possibility of finding out what is going on. Look for Nighthill, he's the one in charge of this town. Either way, Goldhand and Ironhand will head to Burghost and then Baldur's Gate and make sure aid is sent to the town. We bid him farewell, and we head in.

The blue dragon wheels over the town, keeping low near the keep. The town is rotten with cultists and Kobolds, and many of the thatch roofs have been set on fire.

We sneak along the river, with the moonlight and fires of the town to guide us. We're near the keep, when we see several kobolds and a drake, who is being watered. Shale charges, and the rest of us sling arrows and spells on them.

We leave the river, and start heading up to the keep. We spot a woman out in the middle of the path, and she's caught between two groups of kobolds. Not far from her, we spot a man who looks like he is about to collapse, and several children who look scared for their lives.

We attack the kobolds, and many of them turn to engage us. The man runs out into the street to try to save his wife, and we manage to finish them all off, with his wife taking several of them out.

Linda Swift introduces herself. She needs to get her family to the keep. Luke tends to their wounds, which they seem appreciative.

We run from alley to alley, with the family in tow. After each alley, we find more commoners to rescue, and more cultists to deal with. By the time we make it to the keep, we have a small army.

Just in time, as there is a small army of Kobolds too.

We make it into the Great Hall, and the keep door is barred again. The night is getting late.

Luke finds out who is in charge, and Shale introduces herself to Governor Nighthill, who seems appreciative of our presence.

He needs people like us. His town is in trouble with the army of cultists and the blue dragon, and anything we can do to help, he would appreciate.

He tells us a few things in particular:

  • There's an old tunnel under the keep, but it hasn't been used in decades. Something seems to be down there, and a secret way in or out would help a ton.
  • The attacking forces seem to bringing in a battering ram. There's a sallyport which could be used to get out quickly and destroy the ram.
  • There's a man in purple robes that has been spotted. He seems to be an important figure. Perhaps he could be interrogated for useful information if we could capture him.
  • There are reports of townsfolk who have fortified themselves in the old mill. Additionally, the stores for the winter are stored there. It's vital to make sure they are secured.
  • Townsfolk are hiding in the Temple of Chantria. It's not likely to be set on fire and is still standing for now, but it's been reported that there is another battering ram there.

Next session we get to try to figure out which ones we have any possibility of doing...