The Coppens Effect, Part 2

We didn't finish the mission from the last Victoriana session, so we need to wrap that up first.

The Ponds. They still need to be dealt with.

We take a cart to the Pond's estate. Sidney scouts around and doesn't find anything particular useful, although there is both a front entrance and a back entrance.

We discuss what we're going to do. Perhaps we should just burn the house down? No, that'd a bad idea, we still need to rescue Coppens.

Sidney goes around back, and unlocks the back door.

Edwin Ingram blows the front door open using his rifle. It takes two shots, but we're in.

There's a humming sound, as if from electricity.

Sidney is in the kitchen in the back, and she sees a third of a loaf of bread and stashes it.

Father Amorth, Edwin and I are in an entryway. There's a rug.

We meet up with Sidney, and Sidney is attacked from the shadows from a bookcase. A small demonic creature clad only with a loin cloth leaps on her, clawing and scratching.

Father Amorth looks it in the eyes, and it suddenly stops attacking. those eyes those beautiful eyes

The Imps tells us that its former masters are in the basement. Edwin tries to heal Sidney, but fails, causing the imp to giggle. Edwin tries again, and this time works miracles, healing Sidney fully.

The imp also tells us that the basement is warded against demons, and that he cannot accompany us down there without first destroying the sigil.

The humming grows louder, and Sidney pats the imp on the head. Father Amorth asks the imp how he can return to whence he came, and the imp indicates that only by death can he return. Father Amorth tells the imp to kill himself in forty minutes, if he does not return first.

We go down the stairs, and Father Amorth hears a clicking sound. Edwin Ingram runs down the stairs, and around the corner, and sees a huge machine sparking with electricity coming off of it.

There are two men standing, one facing us, and the other facing away with a gun pointed at a third man who is working furiously at a panel.

The man facing is yells in surprise, and Edwin shoots the other man in the liver. He stumbles back and his gun goes off, hitting Coppens.

The humming of electricity intensifies and lightning shoots out. Sidney hits the guy in the gun with her knife, staggering him further, and he is stuck by lightning. Sidney jerks back in surprise.

Father Amorth punches the other guy. He stumbles from Father Amorth's blow, and seeing all is lost, pulls a knife and stabs it in his own belly.

The machine is overloading, threatening to explode with a tremendous force. I rush over, and manage to shut the machine down. As the machine shutters to a halt, the others in our group feel the mana pouring out from the machine.

Edwin heals Coppens enough to heal him, and Sidneysearch the bodies and recovers a pistol, as well as some buttons, a handkerchief and a knife.

Since we ended up not needing to use it for our own purposes, Father Amorth has the demon kill itself. The imp is very sad at this fate, and eviscerates itself, and returns to the Labyrinth.

Father Amorth takes a look through their library, and finds a book of necromancy "Raise Lesser Undead"

Melissa and Coppens have an awkward conversation. I gain Melissa as a contact.

The relationship between Melissa and Jeremy Pond is revealed. She taught herself magic and sciences, but was born in a middle class family and her gender held her back. Jeremy Pond had planned on sacrificing her, but was so impressed by her intellect that he helped her enter college where Coppens took her on a student. She then kept Jeremy up to date on the goings on of Coppens.