The final session of the campaign.

We talk to the twins and Mikael, and tell them about their mother. She's alive, and wishes revenge upon the town.

Hearing our success upon the attacking forces already, the twins agree to help by destroying the accompanying undead. If we fail, they will claim they destroyed the undead only to protect the town.

The horde of undead shambles over the horizon. Among their number are undead squirrels, but no matter, we have squirrel allies as well.

Dhell issues a challenge to Lisbeth, and the sea of undead steps aside for her to step forward. She's a small woman, but her staff is large.

Lightning crackles.

I run into attack, and Dhell counterspells her spells. One of her prismatic rays gets through, with devastating effects.

But I raise my sword for a final blow, and bring it down. Her hood falls, revealing a face much like Alyse's. Her eyes go glassy, and her skin dessicates and she crumbles into ash. The zombies collapse.

We have won.

The squirrels use the Lisbeth's ashes to return to their home plane.