Dan plays Panic again...

We deal with the matter of succession, but then a servant runs in. The western wall is on fire.

It is spreading faster than it should, but Dhell and Ravosh put it out quickly. At the center of the fire is a corpse of a human man tied to a stake.

In the corpse's mouth is a letter protected from the fire by a spell. It says "This town is claimed by Chard."

Nice of him to let us know.

Birdmeat scouts out the enemy war camps, and our party marches on their armies of undead.

I put the muscle in on killing then. Ravosh's turn undead destroy them by the scores. The beholder zombie causes problems for Dhell, but he recovers well enough to sleet storm the army, and Chard gets stuck in it.

A mage, who we later find out his name is Peter Landry, teleports into the fight. I charge him down with extreme prejudice, and I strike him down.

Chard makes it out of the sleet storm, and Dhell uses suggestion on him, telling him his undead has betrayed him.

We mop up the more undead by the scores.

We have bound Chard, and Dhell uses detect thoughts, and we gain some intel.

Chard had been working with Peter Landry, and Peter Landry was apprentice to Lisbeth Warren. Lisbeth had a falling out with our father, and she has been working against him. The ghost Molly Challender is a spy in our midst. Another army is marching, hoping to gain support from town. There is also a rift in the planes, which is where the sentient animals were coming from.

We return to town, to prepare for the next and hopefully final battle.