More Dungeons and Dragons...

We bring the mercenaries over to our side by giving them land of their own. Feudalism!

We receive a missive from a messenger reporting that our father has gone missing, so we return. Solace is waiting for us, and she tells us the scene is in father's room. Not sure what to make of it, we go to look and find the room is a rancid mess of blood, much of it dried into the bed.

Initially our investigation turns up little other than Lord Chard was around recently, but Dhell's familiar notices a boot print of a lady's slipper. Finally Ravosh finds out that one of the servants did see an unusual woman leave that night, like she was carrying her shoes.

Some drag marks also lead us to where Sai's body had been stored.

The twins are oblivious as always. Dhell and Panic are planning something...

The trail from the cellar leads into the forest, and Ravosh, Dhell and I follow it.

Meanwhile, this happens, but my character doesn't know a thing about it.

Panic is in Lord Croft's study, looking for letters to use as samples for forging a document.

A ghost interrupts her, and he finds out her name is Molly Challender. They talk and she promises to find out about Lisbeth Warren.

Panic gets back to work, and forges a new succession line. To dispel suspicion on Dhell, she puts two other names first. My name and Altaire's. She then hides the will among father's other things.

Next, Panic disguises herself as Rochelle, and goes to the Steward's room, hexing him and uses suggestion on him, convincing him to kill Solace. Now convinced Solace is a threat to the family, he goes to kill Solace, where he and Panic kill Solace, before Panic kills him as well. The steward gasps in his dying breath " were my friend..."

Panic makes stages it to look like a suicide, and then leaves.

Sai wakes up. Trees all around, and everything is cold.