We head out to take territory left over from Wolfsbane after Ravosh sends a letter to recruit some mercenaries. Lady Stone will make the arrangements.

We make it to the town on the coast. The town guards seem to fear Wolfsbane, so we offer our protection.

A gnome with reddish hair comes out, and he recognizes Ravosh, as he has seen Ravosh's brother from time to time. We quickly find out that some of Wolfsbane's former forces are at this very moment in the seaside tavern.

Panic, who for whatever reason still accompanies us, sneaks around the back of the tavern, where he spots several wolves tied up.

Meanwhile Chad and I enter the tavern, while Ravosh along with a few soldiers we brought to secure the area stay outside.

Things get messy quick, and we cut the Wolfsbane aligned soldiers down, with Chad frustrating one of them by levitating one of them. Almost feel sorry for the halfling.

Panic gets several shots off at the wolves before with her shortbow before the wolves figure out where they are being attacked from. They are tied up, and managed to get free. Two go around the front and meet the swords of Ravosh and the soldiers, while one of the wolves chases Panic up onto the roof.

Chad and I, having dispatched of the soldiers, emerge from the tavern to see Panic on the roof with the wolf. Chad casts a greasing spell beneath the wolf's feat, and the wolf slides off the roof to fall hard onto the dock. Panic steps carefully around the grease and shoots it with her shortbow, killing it.

We tell the town they are now under protection of the Croft family. There is a nervous sort of relief in the air. It seems Wolfsbane as not well loved.

Lady Stone waits on Fairy Isle with Ravosh's mercenaries, and a task for us. There is a ruined keelboat, which is easily repaired by magic, but we decide should speed up our trip.

Walking there would be faster, if we could walk on water. What luck, Ravosh has such a spell, and while it is a ritual, it only lasts an hour.

Chad, who has been studying more or less "forbidden" things, suggests raising undead steeds, and casting water walking on them. They would not tire, and while Ravosh would need to renew the ritual on them many times, it would speed the trip immensely.

It doesn't bother me.

In the end, we decide our horses are much too valuable. However, the forests are full of elk...

And that's how we ended up crossing the strait on a keelboat being pulled by undead elk.

We arrive after dark, and I stow the elk bones in my bag of holding.

Ravosh announces us at the guard house in the walled enclosure, and a page comes out to lead us to our rooms. He brings us some much appreciated soup.

Panic and Ravosh hear strange crying in the night, and they both go to investigate separately. Ravosh decides it is nothing, and runs into Panic, who asks what it is. Panic decides to continue investigate anyway, and goes up over one of the walls into the jungle.

It doesn't take long following the screaming of animals to find a creature with blade hands slicing through a deer.

Panic shoots it, and it turns to look at Panic through the darkness.

Panic climbs a tree, and fires more arrows at it, and it flies up to Panic, revealing wings as black as the night around it, and grabs some branches near Panic, while slashing at her with its other limbs.

Panic pulls her rapier out and with several slashes the creature loses its grip and falls to the ground with an explosion of cloth. All that remains are a few arrows and a skull.

Dan takes the skull, and returns to her room, putting the skull in her dresser.

Morning comes, and Ravosh, Chad, and I go to see Lady Stone. Breakfast has been prepared for us, and we are shown to the dining room. Lady Stone comes down, and gestures for us to sit.

We talk, and Lady Stone tells us there are creatures to slay in the area, and describes them. We retired to the study and Jess tries to remember the name of the creatures. I suggest a dumb name. They are called goateaters! Jess sighs. she explains the villagers call them goateaters. She provides us with notes, and while at first they were just a nuisance, their population seems to have increased.

Ravosh goes to retrieve the mercenaries, while Chad goes around looking to see what might be obtained in this town.

This town has a bounty board. Lady Stone, of course, has a bounty for the goateaters. There is also a bounty for the head of the flesh golem of 1000 gold, plus another 500 if the items in its possession can be returned as well. Finally, a local farmer offers 50 gold and a magic item for cleaning out his basement.