It's been a while. Oh yeah, Dan's old character died.

The entire town attends Sai's funeral. The gloomy rain underscores the general mood of things.

Ravosh makes an emotional speech.

Only the urchins knew Panic well, with one exception. Sai knew her too, but now Sai is gone.

An urchin approaches Panic, telling her there is a lady looking for her. It's a half-elf female. Panic gives the urchin a few cover, and goes to see what the woman wants.

The woman does not act surprised when Panic approaches her from behind, and asks if there is a more private place they can talk, so they find an alleyway.

She introduces herself as Yev. After Sai's death, she isn't sure if she can trust the family. But, if you were Sai's friend, she says, perhaps you can find an appropriate way to deliver a message.

There's refugee's from Wolfbane's lands, and weird things going on. Animals behaving strangely, too.

Panic promises to see what she can do.

The funeral ends, and father heads directly for the armory, and then leaves. Birdmeat watches all.

Panic sends his parrot to Ravosh, which delivers a simple message, warning that the wolf attacks from the south.

Ravosh takes the warning seriously, and gathers everyone, wishing to arrange defenses.

With little to go off though, we must also find who this mysterious warning comes from.

After questioning several townsfolk, we find that Sai had hung out a lot of urchins, and one them owned a parrot exactly like the one which had delivered the message to Ravosh.

Ravosh goes to talk to her, while Dhell and I watch. Dhell indicates to me that she is more than she seems, so we join Ravosh just has Panic starts dealing out some cards. It seems Panic seems to cheat Ravosh, but Dhell subtly provides help to an unknowing Ravosh.

Panic had charmed Ravosh, and failing to win more than a few silver, Panic decides it would be best to get away from us, and hurries away quickly. Dhell tells to me to keep an eye on Ravosh, he will see where the tiefling goes.

I try to get Ravosh to return to the manor, but he remembers why we are here, so I humor him as we question some other urchins.

Meanwhile, Panic reaches her abandoned cottage, and she changes her familiar's shape.

Dhell had no trouble following her, as she had no idea she was being followed, and surprises her, asking why Sai's friend hides. Suspicious that Panic might actually be a spy, things go poorly, and they fight, with Dhell slinging deadly spells, barely winning the encounter.

Dhell picks her up, and takes her the manor. The twins agree to watch over her, and Alise claims that Panic is important to the future of the family. She sees it.

Ravosh and I return, and upon being informed that Dhell had apprehended the urchin, we pay a visit. Ravosh is not in a friendly mood, and the conversation takes a dark turn.

Jared suggests that perhaps a trade could be made. Panic would help us, and in return, she would find out of her true parentage, as well as a stipend. Panic says that isn't enough, and demands an apology from Ravosh as well. Ravosh is having none of it, and storms out.

Quick thinking, Jared places a spell in the room, and the blindfolded Panic is unable to see Ravosh's exit, and succeeds in duping Panic into thinking that the apology has been given, and the agreement is made.

After three days, Dhell's owl returns. Wolfbane's troops are massing in the south, so we gather our forces to make a defense. Even Panic joins us. The deal the twins had forged holds true.

As we gather, Dhell detects a magic cloud spying on us, but it flies away before he can identify it.

We prepare our defense at a frontier town on the south edge of our border. Our small army is composed both of our soldiers and town militia, but from father's banner-men as well. Luck, an unaffiliated warlord from far to the north, even sends men to help us.

Panic sends his bird to scout out, and determines Wolfsbane's forces are still a day away. There is another odd thing as well though...the squirrels are watching us. We scare a bunch of them away, but Dhell captures one of them and determines it serves a "Lord Squirrel".

Dhell and Ravosh follow the squirrel back to an enourmous oak tree, and the Lord Squirrel (sure enough, another squirrel) emerges. Ravosh uses a spell to talk to the squirrel, and an arrangements is made, where they will provide intel in exchange for bags of nuts.

Offhand, Panic mentions to Dhell that the animals from Wolfsbane's lands are becoming more sentient. Odd thing to mention.

Wolfsbane's forces march forward towards us, and don't so much as ambush them as we charge forward into their scattered lines.

The attack is devastating towards them, with Ravosh's lightning strike killing clumps of halflings at a time, while Panic keeps Ravosh hidden with an illusion,

I wade through enemy lines, and upon spotting Wolfbane herself, I go to engage her. Our fight is rudely interrupted when a stray arrow sprouts from one of her eyes.

The day is ours, with nearly two-thirds of their forces slain, with only a quarter of ours dead.