We take care of some personal matters. Sai is off starting a thieve's guild with Panic. Ravosh visits his brother. I look into hiring a steward to manage the household.

Dhell has been on the hunt for spells. And he brings news to us that some bandits need to be taken care of...

We head off, and we reach a caravan that the bandits had looted. There's still some minor magical reagents among the wreckage, but nothing especially interesting.

We track the raiders back to their camp, which Dhell's owl scouts. There's 13 of them (including two winter wolves), and their eye patched leader is immediately identifiable. We consider a plan of attack, which ends up just webbing the group of them that is around the caravan goods.

Upon being attacked, two of them fall back to protect the loot. I run forth, presenting myself as a target while Ravosh, Sai and Dhell snipe from the trees.

Their leader goes down, and seeing that it might go bad for them, the two guarding the loot grab a few items and flee. Sai chases after one of them.

After several intense minutes of fighting, we kill the rest, with Dhell's grease and web spells providing tactical significance.

We're exhausted, but Sai still hasn't returned, so Dhell's owl goes out to scout for him, and soon finds him, but with bad news. The bandit veteran Sai was perusing had fought Sai, and won.

Sai had not gone down easily though, and Birdmeat finds the badly wounded bandit, and pecking and scratching him, gains vengeance.

We return with our loot and Sai's body to be laid to rest, knowing that Father will not be happy with us.