This session comes with a list of random birthdays. Also Pokemon Go.

After the two recent death's in our family, Lady Stone determines to return another time. Clearly we would not be able to focus on trade negotiations, although she does wish us to take care of her monster problem. She will send word.

Panic expresses interest in Davomir's things to Sai. Sai tells her about his upcoming trip, which alarms her, so she gives him a shiny stone for luck.

We near the end of the first day of travel, and Dhell's owl, Birdmeat spots something weird and fleshy looking. We abandon the path to find out what it is, and what it is turns out to be a half orc zombie that is wandering the forest, leaving chunks of itself behind as it falls apart.

We kill it, and Ravosh examines the corpse. It looks like it was once a trapper, but nothing else is of note about it. By this point, it has gotten dark, so we make camp a little bit away.

We do not encounter any more undead on our way to the village.

The village is eerily silent, and the village is overgrown, as if it has been abandoned for some time. Birdmeat scouts the area, and spots some dead bodies.

The well is tainted by some animal corpses, but given the condition of the village, we would not feel inclined to drink from it anyway. We find the corpse of a man just inside one of the buildings, and Dhell identifies the magical disease inflicting him as extraplanar, highly magical, and which kills very slowly. He cautions us not to touch any of the bodies, as the disease has known cure and spreads via bodily fluids or skin to skin contact.

Have you ever considered an owl in a plague doctor's mask?

We examine the local place of worship, and in the basement we find an altar with some books. Dhell has his unseen servant fetch one of the books, which turns out to be a record book for the local priest.

We look around the village, and being satisfied there isn't much more here to see (other than some "infected" Lanit Resin, which Dhell fetches), we follow a blood trail that leads into the woods.

We find one of the horses that we had sent with the guards, which we tie up. The blood trail continues on, and we follow it to a ravine.

At the body is a corpse and Ravosh goes down to investigate it, but it gets up, and another undead appears.

We kill both of them, and Ravosh carefully buries their bodies while we make camp. Ravosh is ambushed by a scarecrow, but run over to help him kill it.

We return to town, and Ravosh makes a report to father, but with his detect magical sight active, notices that father is afflicted by the disease.

Father explains he is well aware, and that's why he had the twins get the lanet resin, which delays the effects.