We make it back to silverfish isle, and we decide to claim more territory. We march on a town to claim, and a scout trails us for a while, but after a while, they head further south.

Panic charms the leader (convincing them there are hapless merchants to ambush) to where we lay an ambush. Ravosh's hired mercenaries do a lot of the heavy lifting.

The rest of the town quickly agrees to our terms, and some of them are even swayed to join our forces to raiding the next two towns, which we also subjugate in short order. Although Jeff does get a natural one on an intimidate check, so he is forced to lean on the Mercenary Captain.


Wolfsbane's capital remains, and we are able to find out that Wolfsbane's cousin is now in charge.

We have a plan. Using levitation, rope, and a bag of holding, we get everyone onto the keep bridge. Then Panic, disguised as a soldier, will charm their leader to get a raging party going. Once the town is drunk, we'll take over.

Panic gets in without any of their guards noticing anything, swipes a key, and heads to the commander's residence. She then finds Wolfsbane's cousin in the master bedchamber with a female halfling.

Panic hexes and charms the cousin, and says she is here because of the bet, and a promise is a promise. What bet? Oh yes, the result of the bet was to have a big party with all the men.

The cousin blinks and says okay, I gotta get this woman out of my bed..or I guess she can stay.

The party, of course, is outrageous. One of the wolves seems suspicious, but Panic convinces the others the wolf isn't enjoying the party enough, and shortly after, a group of partygoers are chasing the wolf, trying to get it drunk.

Dhell gets us all up onto the bridge, and after Panic has convinced someone to open the gate, we burst into the party and arrest everyone.

The town is ours.