Dan can never drink tea again. He's a black tea dragon in his lair (house), and his breath attack is devastating.

We recoup after the battle, and Ravosh goes over the wounded, and discovers one of them has the plague. We quarantine them.

Ravosh also interrogates some of the prisoners, but finds little of interest.

We find some useful supplies, mostly potions and gems. Wolfsbane has a tan colored bag of tricks, which we give to Dhell, and Panic takes her rapier. There's also a lot of handaxes.

One of our scouts emerges from the woods with Father's unconscious body. What he is doing here we do not know.

Dhell wants to burn the bodies, so I stay back to help him and make sure nothing interferes with our fiery cleansing.

We make it back, and Panic tells us the message from her unknown source more clearly. It turns out also one of the squirrels has also hitched a ride. Ravosh has given up too much in our alliance in the form of nuts.

Ravosh brings Dhell's lanet resin to the twins to prepare it for Father, as he is very ill.

The months go by.

Panic is up to some sort of skullduggery. Dhell gets to work crafting all sorts of magic items.

Dhell had sent for information about the plague, and a reply comes to his letter. For some reason this ends up with us making a song about Bloodrayne. ♫ DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN Bloodrayne! ♫ The actual plague on the mainland was destroyed, and this one appears to have been derived from it. There are herbal remedies that can help, such as lanet resin. Our big problem, however, is that it can only really be cured by finding out what cased it.

Dhell scouts out Wolfsbane's former lands, and finds some that would be good to take. There is also a black beast with a black proboscis spotted.