The final session!

The machine activates, revealing a portal into darkness.

Forward leads our doom, or the doom of those that dare interfere with our lives.

We step through, and after a moment the darkness gives way. There is grass beneath our feet, and we are on a hill overlooking a large canyon.

In the distance we can see a thin figure with dark skin sitting on a rock, looking over the canyon as well.

We approach the figure. They seem to be either sleeping or meditating, but when we get close enough, he opens his eyes.

"This canyon existed on Pemanine V", he says. "But this re-creation is a mockery." He waves a hand, and the canyon crumbles away.

After a moment, the shaking has stopped, and all that is left is a giant pillar on which we now stand.

The figure speaks again, and asks what we find beautiful. We give various answers, but the figure is not impressed.

"I just wonder what you value which led you so far. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but to witness beauty is to witness a lie."

He waves his hand again and transforms into a beautiful woman. Vlumen Krantz.

She radiates a blinding light, and we are forced to defend ourselves.

Our attacks miss, and Aaron notices that it is an illusion coming from the pillar beneath us.

We're standing on her head.

We strike the ground beneath our feet, and it shatters, revealing a glowing portal.

On the other side of the portal sits an emaciated figure, surrounded by a protective bubble, draped in dark purple, which fades into a star field that envelops the room.

It feels as if we're floating.

The figure looks up, and speaks. "Oh, the ones who have barged into our realm. It seems the keys of heaven have been duplicated. I forgot what it was like to wonder, to stare at the stars. I've seen them born and die, but do you still wonder? Never mind, your arrival was not foreseen, but not surprising."

We retort, but the figure has none of it, and a bright appears above the protective bubble, like a miniature sun. A discordian sound comes from the being's lips.

Piper collapses, and Legion seems incoherent. Fireballs fire at us, and I block some of them with my door, but Aaron is knocked unconscious as well.

I swing at his force field, but it absorbs my blows. I try again, and this time he stumbles backwards.

Aaron recovers, looks confused for a moment, and then does a flying kick, knocking the figure unconscious. The figure disappears, and the starry field blinks out of existence. The miniature sun turns into another portal.

Andor is on the other side of the portal.

Above him hovers a slowly rotating solid gray cube, tilted 45 degrees.

He insults us, telling us we were not worthy.

We point out that that we're not the only failures, and perhaps he just a terrible judge.

"Perhaps there is truth to your words," he says. "More than you realize. We wanted to give the universe structure, yet we cannot even manage ourselves. Our role as caretakers has failed."

The cube floating starts crumbling to dust, and he continues. "The cube above me represents me. It is just a form. But you still must represent the driving force of the Eledra, the last one who was so wrought up in purpose she forgot what it is to be alive."

Everything fades into darkness, and shortly later, we find ourselves in a garden full of alien plants.

Hundreds of alien children, with pale gray skin, and black eyes run around us, laughing among themselves. Their legs end with hooves and their heads are covered in long spiky hair.

Everything flashes, and the scene resets itself.

We try to introduce ourselves, but the children seem confused. Legion makes a duplicate of himself, and one of the children imitates him, duplicating themself as well.

The scene resets again.

We hear a female voice this time. "Paradise, heaven to experience and love eternally. To never hate. This is my gift to them. They did not ask, but I gave it to them.

An adult version of the aliens appears in front of us. She motions to the children, saying "They were our greatest minds. Researchers, engineers, philosophers. When we ascended, their goals were fulfilled. Do you seek anything greater?"

One of us tries to strike her, but she gracefully steps out of the way, and three versions of here appear on far sides of the garden.

I hit one of them with my door, and it disappears.

Legion finds the real version of her, and attacks her with Piper's help, felling her.

She lets out a dying cry. "This is all Eund's fault! Why should he give it to you? He has doomed the universe, and you with him!"

The alien children stop, look at her, and then look at us. "Why did you do that?" they ask.

The garden shakes, and a shining portal appears. We step through.

Earth again. We're in the very same warehouse we came from. Eund and Marshal are here, as are others.

The Eledra are no more.

Our powers are also gone, Eund with them.