We fly on, nearing Foundation. Shimmering light dances in the distance.

The glints of light move closer and soon we can see they are strangely shaped aircraft that are nearly spherical.

I drop the altitude of the bus door sharply and the encroaching ships drop as well in concert with us. Ports on the side of them open, and warheads shoot out as.

I make evasive maneuvers, trying to avoid them. One of them grazes the bus only doing minor damage.

Legion turns insubstantial and lands in one of the vehicles. He only sees bat-like creatures in the ship, but he summons his darkness and envelopes it. Chad is Legion-Air. He attacks everything inside the ship, and the ship suddenly sharply flies downward, as alarms go off.

Piper throws bolts at the other ship, and Aaron grapples it Dan's Nat 20 beats the ship's Nat 1. Another warhead fires from it, hitting the busdoor, but the door's field of protection protects the bus.

A warhead misses Aaron as well, but Piper obliterates on of the bat creature in that ship.

I turn the bus around, to try to get back towards where we started, and Aaron finally manages to stop the ship. Bat creatures fly out, and one of them knocks Aaron down. Piper teleports to him, grabs him, and teleports back to the bus.

Many of the bats are flying erratically, and we kill the ones pursuing us.

We reach foundation.

As expected, buildings have been rearranged from the last time we were here.

But there are are also signs of conflict here, with many buildings showing scorch marks.

The refugee city which once surrounded the edges of the city is partially demolished. A figure stands at the center of it, who seems to be trying to flag us down.

We land near the figure, who turns out to be Canary.

Her nice dressed has been replaced with jeans and a tattered coat.

Things have gone wrong at Foundation. Marshal left Foundation several days ago, and then there was some kind of attack, and she ended up a captive. She also heard the name Descolada, who is apparently is in the administration building. Hardin himself is being held captive in the basement.

Aside from Marshal, many of the other senior members of Foundation are missing, including Eagle Eye (which may have been killed by Marshal) and Tower.

We decide to rescue Hardin and any other captives they have. Canary tells us we may be able to use the sewer system or the secret underground research facility to make our way inside.

Legion leaves one of his disgusting minions to watch over the refugees, and we make a hole in the Foundation wall.

The underground research facility looks a lot like a large factory floor.

There's a lot of high tech stuff here we don't really understand, but the locations things in the world above are well labeled, so we soon make our way to the administration building.

An elevator leads up, and we rearch the basement of the building.

We search the rooms, and finally find a room filled with fleshy pods. Legion looks inside a pod. They're filled with naked people.

We tear a pod open, and an old man falls out, naked. He's breathing.

Pod people. Pod people. Pod People...

We tear more pods open, and find Tunnel and Hardin, as well as other people we are unfamiliar with.

Down the hallway, we hear the elevator ding.

I throw my door at the elevator, blocking it.

Yelling comes from the other side, as someone is trying to get through it.

The building shakes, and we hear large foot steps. A large and very muscular figure steps through the wall. He has no clothing, and doesn't even have genitalia. The figure is completely hairless, and a cruel face, and he wields a giant axe.

I call my door to me and then I hit him with it. He doesn't flinch.

He yells out to us "You've messed with my plans too much!", and then breathes acid into the room. He looks sweaty and seems to have an off color sheen to him.

Another man barrels in, this one wearing a leather jacket and jeans. His face is distorted, as if has a weird horn. He yells, introducing himself, "You now face the ramrod!", and charges into Aaron.

As if this party wasn't weird enough, a tiny winged man and a bow flies in, and shoots an arrow at Tunnel.

Aaron kicks Ramrod in the ramrod, and Legion stuns the bald fuy.

I help Aaron disable Ramrod, and then Aaron knocks the Cupid down, badly injuring him.

Ramrod limps away, and the big guy breathes acid on the room again, killing Cupid, and badly injuring Ramrod.

We finally manage to get the upper hand on the big guy, and as we finally disable him, his body dissolves into mist.

Tunnel says he's seen that mist before. The first attacker they killed dissolved into mist like this.

There's another thing too. This Descolada can control people, but when he controlled Tunnel, Tunnel was able to glean a little about him. He thinks he knows where he is, and can make a tunnel to him.

We go through Tunnel's tunnel.

It's a long flight, but at last we make it to the other end, which seems to just be an empty military bunker, which is filled with ancient hardware, some of it apparently still active.

It looks familiar too, like where Mikail was held all those weeks ago. In fact, we notice, some of the labeling is in Chinese.

We continue exploring, finally reaching a filthy door which is either encrusted with rust or blood, we're not sure.

Aaron kicks down the door. It leads to a long room, in which all the lights are off except a far red light. Piper adds some more light to the hallway.

More pods also line the sides of the hallway, and strange liquid drips from the ceiling.

This room is for holding people.

We go to the door under the red light, and Aaron kicks it down too.

Bright white light floods out of the other room, and a short Chinese man screams and looks up.

"What are you doing here? This is my research laboratory!"

He backs up, and knocks some vials off of a table. They shatter and a fleshy growth expands rapidly out of it, consuming him, before we even have a chance to react.

He screams in agony, "You'be ruined me" and starts swiping at the growth to no avail.

Piper tries to teleport him out of it, but too much of him as been consumed, and his organs spill out. He collapses on the ground, and expires.

The growth starts receding and the people pods behind us dissolve, leaving only their inhabitants.

Legion uses one of his minions to examine him. Apparently he could create a bacteria which could control and mutate life, and while he had control, not even he was truly safe from it.