What's this? Another session of Mutants and Masterminds?

Things are quiet.

Dr. Nibbles, of course, stars as the kitty for a cat food company. It's a very hipster cat food company.

Anyway, while working the bar Aaron gets a text from Posix. Apparently the Soldiers of Armageddon have been spotted in New York City.

Just then a big guy in a power suit walks up to the bar and says "Aaron, your time has come." His suit flashes and Aaron is hit in the back. Aaron returns a hit, but the suit flashes, and he seems unaffected.

The rest are ambushed individually, each as if an enormous cannon was fired at us, destructively chewing through walls with near misses.

A large creature, but not with a lot of muscle, walks through the massive hole in the bar wall where I was trying to have a drink. It has six legs, a smooth Chitinous hide, and looks a bit like a mole.

I knock mine out, and it melts into a puddle.

I head to the penthouse, as it is closest, to see what is going on. There I find Legion is fighting one as well, and I help him dispatch it.

We agree we should check in on Aaron and Piper, so we split up. I go to Aaron, and Legion goes to Piper.

The man in power armor, Vebelatiin, taunts Aaron. "While you've been tending your bar, I've been growing more powerful."

Aaron laughs. "It's not my bar."

Aaron rips off his shirt and strikes Vebelatiin, but is stopped by the power armor.

They fight, but Aaron is barely able to hold him off, with his very attacks sapping Aaron of his strength.

The bar doesn't fare well either, as the counter is smashed and bottles of alcohol go flying.

Piper was sleeping when she was attacked, but her apartment being shredded wakes her up.

She hits and teleports to the next building over, and she sees it jump and land where Piper had been standing before. It doesn't seem to know where Piper is, but it starts running across the roof tops hunting for her.

She distracts it with an illusion, but it only buys her a few moments.

Legion makes it to Piper.

She's glowing very brightly, and seems to be playing a cat and mouse game with the creature.

The creature gives up and attacks Legion, and Legion annihilates it.

Aaron is on the ground unconscious when I reach the Elephant's Nest, which has faired extremely poorly.

Posix sends a text, saying he managed to using his daemons to scare Vebelatiin off. Something to do with affecting his power armor it sounds like?

Unconscious, Aaron hears a woman speaking. "The people of this city are kindling fire will rain down upon and then the world end, harbringer of the last days. A curse has been laid upon your mortal frames."

I send a text to Gemma and then go to find Legion and Piper.

Let's get back to it!

Piper hears a voice in her head as well, but it's a different voice. "The light is nothing but a blanket and an illusion. You know there are worse things out there, and some things can see you as what you are: A tool, a parasite."

Piper lights the area, but her light is suddenly shut out by darkness.

Two more of the creatures burrow out of the ground, and unleash their fire upon Piper, knocking her out.

Legion makes duplicates, and sends one away, and with the others attacks the newly appeared foes.

Piper recovers, and tries to make light again, but it has no affect. She tries teleporting away, but the darkness coats her like glue.

I reach Legion and Piper. Two of Legion's duplicates are trying to evaculate the area, while another to are attacking our foes.

I knock them both out and like the previous ones, they start melting.

Aaron awakens with Meekal standing over him. The rest of the Heralds of Peace are with him.

Meekal tells him the soldiers of Armageddon are still in the city, but it isn't clear where Vebelatiin is.

Aaron hears whispering, "Being by driven by fury so you push outwards." He curses at the unheard voice.

Aaron and the others group back up with us, as in the distance we see a glow and soon we see it is a figure wreathed in flame.

I put my door out, and it bursts flame at us. Radiance is knocked out.

The ground start shaking again, and more of the mole creatures appear, and Legion knocks several of them out, causing them to ooze out.

The flaming figure rises up and shoots bursts of fire at Aaron.

We finish the rest of the mole creatures, and the flaming figure seems really intent on attacking Aaron.

As we turn to help Aaron, the flaming figure splits into two and one of them blinks out of distance. Legion strikes the other with his fist, and it falls to the ground and then explodes into a puff of smoke.z