Apparently we are to meet Ashes near a park at the center of Milwaukee.

So we go to meet him.

But the air fills with ash. Piper tries to make light, but it suffocates the light, and Piper too.

It gets hotter.

Piper is on her knees, and Aaron lifts her and carries her above the cloud of ash, where she can try to dispel the ash. The spell doesn't clear the ash, but she can tell it's doing something.

Legion duplicates and runs in random directions.

Aaron goes back into the cloud, and hearing a woman coughing, rescues her.

Piper tries to dispel the ash storm, but only manages to push it back a little bit. I use my door to fly over to Piper, to provide her transport over the field. With a better vantage point, Piper tries again, revealing a large portion of the park, and a large demonic creature.

The demon hurls a fireball at us, but it splashes harmlessly off the door. Something also leaps out of the ash, landing on the door. It's a man, whose skin is burned and cracked, as if there is a burning layer of lava beneath. Ashes.

Aaron flies over and starts grappling Ashes, and I fly the door down to ground level.

Piper and Legion switch bodies, and Piper gets an image of a harlequin. So, Legion, who is actually Piper, punches Ashes. Legion, in Piper's body, goes invisible and flees.

Piper summons all of Legion's minions, dispelling the duplicates. Legion jumps bodies again into a random room. A fireball hits me in the back.

Piper, as Aaron, flies up to her body and tells whoever is in it not to do anything. They look confused.

Aaron, now in Legion's body, has the minions sing and fly himself across the park.

I don't know what to make of any of this.

Several swaps later, and even I'm in on it, and in Legion's body.

I decide to grow and punch the demon. The demon is knocked out and the ash clouds disappear.

We all revert back to normal.

We turn them over to Silver Knight, who provides us a USB stick with the information on us. It's the only remaining copy, he tells us.

Legion crushes it, deciding we don't need to hear it.