Time to find Koi and Radiance.

Sanctuary deals with the big guy and Meekaal while we look for the other missing chosen.

The scientists from the military lab don't know anything, so we return to town. Nothing there either, although we do get some strange text messages about Americans attacking Panzhihua.

So we go there, instead.

Panzhihua is in chaos, and we quickly find huge sheets of ice, with cars and other objects stuck in them.

A skyscraper topples over, and it's covered in ice. We see Koi, and immediately assume has suffered the same fate Meekaal had suffered before.

She's standing on an ice bridge, hundreds of feet up.

Legion throws a huge chunk of building at her, but misses. Piper strikes her with a mystic bolt, and Aaron flies up in starts grappling her. I throw my door at her, but miss.

Aaron grapples her to the ground, and Piper users her to use her telekenesis to neatly nip the tumor off.

I have my door levitate off the ground slightly and we set her gently on it.

Time to look for Radiance now.

We find another hotspot of activity, and in the center of it, we see many shiny crystals.

Aaron reaches Refraction first, and finds her. She's wearing a ridiculous outfit of stars and stripes, so inclined towards patriotism it can't possible be real. But then a beam shoots off and she disappears, and she blinds Aaron with light. I reach Aaron, but he has no idea where she went. Aaron smashes through the ceiling with blind rage. Or something else.

She teleports near Legion, and attacks him with a laser, before disappearing again.

Piper, Legion and I return to the main cluster of crystals. Legion and I chase after her as another beam of light shoots off in another direction.

Piper is tired of being led around, so she uses her noggin, and smashes too of the crystals together. They shatter into a billion bits.

Aaron, having recovered his sight, flies out of nowhere and grapples her, and Legion destroys her tumor.

I put her unconscious body on my door next to Koi.

Piper calls up Omar and Gemma and isn't given much direction, so she puts her ring on Koi, who recovers and wakes up confused. But Koi regains her bearings, and she's able to get us back to the United States.

Specifically, she takes us to a warehouse with an enormous indoor pool. Koi tells us she used to use it for training. It's a convenient place to go when you can travel to any body of water.

I wonder what happened to the jet.

The world swims in out of focus. It's that dream again.

The others are here, but there are also two other figures.

One is a woman dressed in a very elegant dress with intricate patterns that swirl endlessly. Very orange. Her hair is long and she has feather plumes stuck in it.

Next to her is a man in full plate, but no helmet. His skin is dark, and he has a sword and shield strapped to him. One of his eyes is dark as obsidian, and the other seems to glow with a shining light.

The woman puts her hands together and thanks us for saving her children. She gestures to the other man. And we're his children, she tells us, and she fades away.

The man steps forward. "The connection between us has solidified."

His name is Andor, and he granted us the powers we now wield, as he is the aspect of protection. We're his avatars and a god of sorts. The other one is the aspect of beauty, and Koi, Meekaal, Sanctuary and Refraction are hers.

The world must be made a safer places, but many others do not wish it so. They're goals are opposite of his, and that of chaos seeks to undo everything.

There's only so much of this granted power go around, and when one chosen goes down, others grow in power.

Do his will, and we too, will grow in power.

We all wake up in a cold sweat, due to evaporative cooling.

Piper gets a call from Lt. Alexandra Heyward.

She has a situation, and needs our help, to capture "Anarchy's Finest".

There was a fourth member, alongside Shockwave, Jackdaw, and Phantom, who now demands his compatriots release. If they are not, Milwaukee will be destroyed.

Piper agrees but only if her own terms will be fulfilled. First, we stay of the registry. Also she wants to be well paid.

And one other thing. She wants a latte waiting for her.

We're provided with a map, and Lt. Alexandria tells us he's waiting for us near downtown. If need be, there is another chosen waiting to come in. I get the impression if things get messed up.

Well, the best way to expose a trap is to spring it...