Legion explains what he saw. There was a large building, with an elevator down. A bunch of people were in a singular large room, with a smaller room walled off inside of it.

We get to the building, and meet on the roof. Turrets pop up on the top, and we each destroy one of them.

It looks like they know we are here, so Aaron smashes through the floor. The top floor is empty, so Aaron punches his way to the ground floor.

The elevator leads down, but elevators aren't for us, so we cut it down. It makes a racket, and we make our way down the elevator shaft.

There's a group of guys with guns, and we knock all of them out except the last, who we question.

Apparently it's Yusur's Place? He doesn't know what is in the other room. It takes a token though, and there are more people down there.

I find the token (it's a silver emblem of the crISIS logo), and we enter the room together after Piper zip ties the final guy up.

The room is empty, except a circle in the center. We all go in the circle, with myself last, and with a whooshing we find ourselves teleported to another area.

We find ourselves in a cavern, and there are people hiding, spread apart and fully armed. One of them is a little larger than the rest, and has a much larger gun.

Legion puts the guy with a gun in a crate, and the others open fire. The guy in the box reappears next to the crate, and fires at Aaron. I hit him with my door, but he disappears.
Piper uses a spell to light the room, and it reveals a device on the ceiling that is enclosed by a small black hemisphere, like a security camera.

The figure appears again, and he shoots a projectile at Piper, but she rolls with it. Legion smashes the device to bits, and he disappears.

I knock the last standing henchmen out.

Did you know? The sky is the blue part.

We follow the only hallway leading out of the room, which looks to have been hewn.

One door leads to what looks like a barracks, but it has tapestries on the walls. There's an obvious religious theme.

We continue on, and reach another door. There are screams as Aaron kicks the door open. There are about twenty women who are chained up. Piper takes the token and leads them out of the cavern.

The materializing comes back, but Legion finds his projector and destroys it.

We reach another room, which seems to be a giant workshop. In it are five of the same guy again. In the back, in a glass looking cage, is a young woman creating metal from thin air.

Legion duplicates himself, and Aaron grapples one of the guys, but gets knocked out cold.

I knock one of our foes, and Legion takes several out with his clones. I knock another out with my door, and Legion offers the final guy the option to surrender.

He surrenders, but he has a face we can't trust, so Legion knocks him out anyway. Or at least, that's the reason Legion gave for knocking him out.

The young woman seems dazed but relieved.

We return her to Foundation, telling her that there are chosen in the city like her.