The final session. It's not really our fault it got derailed.

We go to the tomb to retrieve the artifact, which is identified by the eternally bubbling fountain. Many nobles of the city are buried here.

The nameplate on the tomb is worn, but it's the one we're looking for.

There's a small panel next to the door, which Kate uses to get the door opened.

The mausoleum walls are filled with many small doors, and in the center is a sarcophagus. Kate starts examining the walls, but Andelo gets impatient and opens one of them. An perfectly preserved corpse rolls and tries to hit Andelo, but he tries to slam the door shut.

Deavon kills it, and Kate finishes her investigation. The sarcophagus actually conceals a tunnel which leads deeper in.

We enter deeper into the tomb.

There are vines everywhere, and dead cultists hang from the vines, desiccated as if something had sucked them dry. Apparently we are not the first to be here.

At the end of the tunnel is a curtain with a bloody hand print. Surely beyond it lies our goal.

Andelo tries firebolting the curtain, but the spell is reflected back at him. Deavon shoots an arrow at the vines, and one of the vines grabs the arrow and crushes it.

Andelo tries another firebolt, and this time it hits it, igniting it, revealing the room on the other side, which is full of stone and turning wheels.

We try using a bedroll as a cloak as Kate sneaks past, tying Kate so we can pull her back if we need to.

The vines seem to ignore Kate, but we're not sure if it's the bedroll or her stealthy nature. But then she reaches the middle of the tunnel, and the vines descend upon her, grabbing the bedroll from her back.

Vines start gripping the rope as well, so Kate cuts herself free of it so she can escape while we pull the rope back to us. There does seem to be a strange effect as Kate makes it through the far exit.

This time I try using blade barrier to protect against the attacking vines, and we make it to the other side.

We can only guess that the cultists were used as sacrifices so others could pass.

In the next room, the there are two corpses on the turning wheels, their hands impaled.

The magic of the wheels seems necromatic, and when Deavon shoves one of them off the spikes, the magic starts draining rapidly.

Andelo mends the spikes, and Deavon and Kate offer each of the spikes a bit of their blood. It doesn't take a much, and a green orb appears, and the door opens.

At the end of this room is a copper plated door, covered in a green patina. In the center of the door are three dials, each dial set to 6.

There is another orb, and faces swirl in the orb. One of the faces looks like a high level cultist. There are also several large spikes.

Piles of corpses of dead cultists litter each corner of the room.

Andelo identifies the runes as magic designed for sucking souls out of bodies. I try using speak with dead on one of the cultists, and the orb bulges, and a little bit of green light comes out of it. Faint green light surrounds me, and I suddenly feel compelled to shout.

I yell to the dead cultist, asking what it knows, and I find out that their master cast spells on the doors, and then played with the dials, after which he would force one of the other cultists onto the spikes. After each one was moved, the dead were moved to the corner of the room to make room for the illusions he was casting.

We must be in a chaos rift!

Andelo firebolts the spike, and the firebolt is sucked into it, and an eye appears on 's forehead. Andelo tries rolling some dice next, and comes up with "4", "3" and "7". Deavon tries as well, and gets the same numbers in a different order. After a few tries, we decide 7, 4, and 3 are the likely order.

Andelo firebolts again, and slams his hand on the spike. It tries sucking him into the orb, but he manages to resist the effect.

The door opens. The ring is floating on the pedestal, but a cultist is frozen in mid-air as if trying to walk to it.

Andelo sees that there is chaos magic here, so I dispel it and then as the field goes down, grab the ring and then get out.

The ring is silver and elvish in make, as if it were 3 rings woven together.

We leave as quickly as possible, but this time we throw dead cultists at the vines, which grab them.

It seems happy with our offering.

Lady Silverhand is already aware we have the ring. The magic within it is strong indeed.

She uses a ritual to bind herself to the ring. She cannot enter the final field without our aid, but as soon as we reach the nexus of the chaos field, we need only to speak her name gently, and she will be able to summon herself in and end the chaos for good.

We must hurry, though, as other mages will try to pursue us for the ring.

We see several flying specs in the distance, so we hurry to the field.

Kate takes the ring, and we dive into the black orb surrounding the building.

The house is overflowing with plants, and surrounded by a white ring. A half plant man asks if we want to buy a flower. We ignore him.

We take the stairs down, but find our way blocked by a brick wall.

A voice comes from the house, asking us to explore the void with it. It also hungers for the ring we have brought with us.

Andelo knocks down the wall, and dips his pick into the magical darkness on the other side. The pick comes back out corroded.

Andelo casts protection from energy on Kate, and then joins Deavon to hold off the eater of worlds. I follow Kate in.

Luke Butler opens the door, and holds his hand up, revealing a mouth.

Deavon attacks him, and chops off an arm. Luke laughs, and swarms of insects fill the room, and Deavon is crushed by a cage of magical force.

A demon appears and attacks Andelo.

The darkness hurts me, but I ignore the pain. I open the door ahead of us, heedless of what trap might be on it, and I am turned to stone.

Kate runs down ahead of me.

Moments later, Luke walks up and examines me for a moment, before continuing down the stairs after Kate.

Before Kate is a stone pillar, anchored by two chains. She calls out to Lady Silverhand, who responds telepathically. It will take her a moment to arrive.

Kate activates her cube of force, just in time for Luke Butler to appear. The cube of force slows Luke down, as he casts a disintegrating ray on it.

The cube gives out just as Lady Silverhand appears, with much light. The chains snap as if under a great amount of force, and an enormous amount of energy is unleashed from it.

Luke Butler looks confused, and his eyes transform from black pits into normal hazel colored eyes. The wound from his missing arm starts bleeding profusely, and he collapses.

Lady Silverhand looks worn, as if several days have passed, and in fact, the first wish had been to transform a moment of time into a year of time for her. The ring is now blackened and worthless.

I am returned to flesh, and Andelo is freed from the demon. Deavon is still alive somehow under the force cage, and he gives a feeble thumbs up.

The demon is gone, and the chains with it. The souls who had once held have gone on to their righteous reward.

We decide someone else can worry about Tiamat.