Last session we lost our brains. Luckily we got them back.

The captain has new orders for us.

The forward operating base is moving closer to the rift, at an inn called the Edge of the World. Its name is a lot more literal than it used to be.

We gather our stuff and meet Lady Silverhand and Sargent Pale. The head of the city guard, who is a bit of a pompous ass, is there too.

They've come up with three locations which contain the highest amount of turbulence. Our goal is to stabilize the rifts at these three locations to prevent the city from being consumed. Private Al is coming with us to perform the ritual, so we need to keep her safe.

This needs to get done by the end of the day. Oh, and the city guard apparently thinks they should have jurisdiction, even though this is clearly out of their league.

The first location is "The Broken Hand", which is rumored to have been a smuggler's den. The streets on the way there are strangely deserted, and before long, we find the old two story building which contains one of the rifts.

We have Al go invisible, and Deavon kicks the door to the building down. Bolts from wall mounted crossbows fire out at us, and Deavon smashes them. A bell goes off.

Kate finds another trap, which she disarms. Andelo, not to be outdone, kicks the next door down.

These poor doors.

Andelo suggests the rug might be trapped, so Deavon rips it up. No trap, but I3 take the rug and put it in my bag of holding. No need to let this rug go to waste.

Stairs lead up around a large portrait of a human with black hair, who is sitting in front of a background of ships, wealth, and other things befittign a rich merchant.

Kate approaches it, and a small hole appears in the portrait, and something fires at Kate.

The sound of a crank can also be heard turning behind it, so Deavon and Andelo slash at the portrait. A large wooden pillar comes swinging down at Andelo, who manages to barely avoid it.


Behind the portrait is a man. But his face has melted, with one eye missing, and his hands have been fused to daggers. The stones of the hallway behind him ooze menacingly.

Two servants also enter the room from other doorways, their skin oozing and covered with bulbous tumors.

I summon warrior spirits to attack the creatures, and Kate kills one of them, causing it to explode, knocking a hole in the wall.

The roof starts collapsing, and so Kate activates her cube of force.

The rest of us our in the passage with the roguelike figure, who Deavon kills. We're not able to do anything about Kate so we continue down the hallway, as everything collapses behind us.

Al says the rift is close now, just a little farther down. Unfortunately a black ooze blocks our way, but then Deavon remembers his boots of flying, so he picks Al up and carries her across to the rift.

Deavon returns with Al. The rift is a swirling vortex, threatening to suck anything around it in, so we tie a rope to Deavon so that Al can get close enough to do the ritual.

They fly back and do the ritual, and it closes with swirling orbs and a gasping of air and whatever else that tiny wizards apparently can do.

We dig our way out of the rubble.

Two more rifts to go.