This is the beginning of the second book, "The Rise of Tiamat." But first, the adventure hook.

With the help of the harper's get our affairs in order. Our wealth is safely deposited, and we are now the owners of a guild hall, which was once owned by "perfume merchants".

I decide to see what the glass eye means. I had attempted to find my father, via old letters and notes my father had left behind, but the trail grew cold at an inn in Suzail. When I had mentioned my father, the innkeeper gave me a package with the glass eye in it, and refused to speak to me further.

I hear rumor of an old oracle named Valius One Eye who resides on the outskirts of Waterdeep. I go to visit her.

She says she can divine its history. I pay her fee and incense rises around here. She puts the glass eye on a small circular table, and begins to cast a powerful divination spell. She mutters the final word and then the glass eye starts spinning in circles.

She screams, yelling "HE WATCHES HE WATCHES" and the eye turns and looks straight at her. She collapses.

I run over to her, and she is cold as if she has been dead for days.

I carefully put the eye away, without touching it, and then I try to lay her to rest.

That night, Luke wakes up to a squeak.

His petrified mouse is staring at him.

He asks if the mouse has been displeased.

But it tips over. It's still a petrified mouse, after all.

The guild hall needs work, so we have some workers working on it. One of them goes missing, without a trace.


Another night.

For Luke, another squeak from the mouse.

I dream of someone watching me. I turn around but can't find them.

Shale is smoking her bubble pipe. One of the bubbles opens and blinks. Weird.

We discuss recent events. I mention the glass eye.

There's a sudden shift in the wind this morning it feels like. As if there is an oncoming storm. Everything feels unnatural and silent.

But then the noise of the city returns.

Everyone seems nervous.

Shale and Alissa look for the missing workman some more, and Shale finds a single drop of blood near the stairwell. Alissa finds a secret opening near the blood. Shale can't even see it until Alissa opens it, enveloping the room with the stench of perfume, knocking Alissa out.

I buy a lockbox and put the eye in it, and put the lockbox under a floor board.

We also finally buy some furnishings.

It's night again. I feel like I am being watched, but less so.

Luke is still being bothered by his mouse though. Does find a key under the floorboard though.

We decide to see about this perfume poison room. Alissa tries to use mage hand, without any success. Luke tries to dimension door with Shale, but it fails. He tries again by himself, and on the second try succeeds.

Luke emerges in a narrow stairwell, and rolls down the stairs a long way before hitting the end. It ends in a small room, five feet in all directions That means it can obviously only have one occupant.

Luke returns to the top, and tries to communicate telepathically, hoping we're still on the otherside, but gets nothing, so he returns back to the bottom.

I cast gust of wind at the wall to try to keep the poison gas from reaching us, while Shale hits the wall hard with her magical sword.

She makes a hole, and we manage to get it clear before my spell ends.

Luke tells us he didn't find anything useful. We look too, and don't find anything either.

Luke and Shale spend the night downstairs, to see if anything interesting happens.

Luke's mouse goes squeak, but Luke isn't sure where it is. They go upstairs, and the petrified mouse is waiting on the top of the stairwell. Luke picks it up.

There's a knocking on the door after breakfast.

It's Leosin, and he says he is here on a manner of some urgency. A council is being formed to deal with the matter of the dragon cult, and our presence is requested. It's at the Lord's Palace in three days.

Leosin was not invited, but we are let in. Remallia Haventree apparently formed this meeting, and we are to report on our activities against the cult of the dragon. It's not believed the cult will have infiltrated this gathering.

We've been briefed on some of the representatives that will be attending the meeting, and it's hoped we can persuade them to lend their support.

  • The Harpers
  • The Order of the Gauntlet
  • The Emerald Enclave
  • King Melandrach
  • Ulder Ravenguard
  • Teren Hornblade

We're lead to a secret room deep in the palace. A council chamber, made of marble.

Everyone is assembled already in the council chamber as we arrive. In the center of the room is a table with a miniature model of Waterdeep and the surrounding area.

We're motioned to some seats on the side, and near by, we see a few others who look like they might be adventurers as well.

A lordly broad fellow with a great big bushy beard stands at the front of the table, and addresses the assembly. "Welcome, Lords and Ladies. We have discussed this matter several times before, but we have guests to introduce to our gathering." He introduces himself as Lord Dergault Neverember, the Open Lord of the Lord's Alliance, Lord Protector of the Waterdeep and Neverwinter. He explains that he has pledged vast resources, and he wishes to bring others in to do as well.

He motions to a male shield dwarf who is dressed in finery. "Ambassador, if you would introduce yourself."

"My name is Conrad Bronanevil, and I have made a long journey to be a part of this council." He explains that he is a delegate for the dwarves of the north, and he hates dragons, devils and cultists alike, and would like to see them all slain. He knows our group by reputation, having heard of us in the Brethren of the Mithril Halls. He bows and sits back down.

Lord Neverember motions to a male human in full battle dress of full plate armor with a flaming fist across his chest. "Marshal, if you may."

"Of course, I am Ulder Ravenguard, leader of the flaming fists, military might of Baldur's Gate. I am here to see the end of the dragon cult, although I am unsure how much of a threat they really are. None can fight with our skill, not even the havoc of the son of the god Bhaal. We protect the lives of thousands and will not betray their trust, no matter what."

Next, is a male wild elf, who introduces himself as King Kimeladrath. "We elves were once the greatest civilization, and we will not squander our remaining strength fighting a cult which is hardly a danger." He believes as his sons have helped the realms enough already, he does not owe the council any more than his appearance, and more completation of the facts at hand must be made before making any action. Chad says his description is "arrogant".

Toren Hornblade, a male human clad in the finery of an archmage, is next. He looks to be only middle age, but his gaze caries the weight of many centuries. Shale recognizes him, and knows he has spent many centuries extending his life by use of potions of Longevity. "Calculated risks are needed to win this war, and I speak for Lady Astrial. Methraramar remains the leader of Silverymoon and the Lord's Alliance, but on this matter I speak on his behalf."

Toren Hornblade turns and gestures to us. "I believe the actions of these heroes have aided and revealed the secrets of the dragon, and upon further consideration we may be able to speak towards lending troops towards this effort."

A human paladin, Sir Iztevil, in shining plate is last. "Against Tiamat we stand together or fall alone. Who will stand with the war wizards of Cormyr?" He is not a member of the lord's alliance, but is interested in the cult and the dangerous they represent. He leans on his cane. "As our fight progresses against the cult, and bear wounds of the fighting the evil beast, we look for the benefits and easethat we can end this threat to us all, so long as you pursue the rightous path."

There is one more Lord Neverember suddenly wishes to introduce. "An advisor in all things, Rian. She will not take a direct role in these negotiations, but her services are available for hire as we need." He gestures to a female tiefling.

Finally we introduce ourselves, and describe our exploits thus far. Conrad questions why we had not destroyed the eggs, or sought to use them. Chad mentions this will actually help us. Hornblade asks why we were successful in recruiting Leosin to our cause.

When we get to the bit about the flying castle, Conrad questions why we left the castle to the giant (apparently he really hates them), and I tell him I am not too proud to accept help when it was so desperately needed.

Sir Iztevil has another matter to contribute as his honor dictates he be truthful. He is here primarily to find info on a small war brewing on their western border, and all matters he must communicate to his lord.

Rian steps forward and speaks at last. "I applaud the efforts of these adventurers. I should say we should kill all the wyrmspeakers quickly, and furthering the alliance to enable these adventurers in that goal by deputizing them with such investigatory powers. Subject to the burden of the oversight of the council, of course."

We turn to more recent events, and Lady Dela Silverhelve, a Waterdhavian noble speaks. "There was a disturbance across the entire Sword Coast, a quiet three days ago. This is from none other than the Dracenhorn, which alerts all dragons that great events are unfolding. Unfortunately it is impossible to know what it means, but the dragons know its meaning and will answer its call." She sits back down.

"Clearly we must find out more about this dracenhorn," Lord Neverember says. "This weighs heavily on my thoughts."

Rian steps forward again. "I disagree, we should go after the white wyrmspeaker."

The king of elves disagrees. "We must take our time. We need more information."

"No, we must kill the wyrmspeakers and drive their dragons from their lairs, " Brawnanvil says. "We must strike."

Thornblade indicates wariness of any artifact he does not know. "Our resources are best spent finding more information." We wonder where we might go for more information, but the mage explains that there is a dragon known as the "Old White Death", where such lore might be found.

"It was seen that Varum's mask has gone missing from its owner," Rian says. "He is now on his way to the Serpent Hills. As of yet, his followers are convinced he is looking to summon the dragon got Tiamat, but his goal is to retrieve his mask. There among the trolls, giants and treacherous Yaun-ti he communes among the ruins of more than one fallen civilization."

We consider our options...