Let's kill a dragon. Or maybe it'll kill us.

Scarcely are we out of the sack and the cloud giant is gone again.

The icy blue walls are just transparent enough such that all such of manner of embedded things can be seen in it. Coins, kobolds, livestock, even an ogre or two. Light shines and sparkles off of the walls. It's pretty.

We have a pretty good notion of the layout of the cavern from the giant's description.

Alissa sneaks forward ahead of us, and we follow a short way behind. Alissa gets to the other side of the opening to the main cavern stalactites can be any size, you know, when Luke spots an eye gazing at us from the ceiling.

Suddenly the ground trembles as the dragon growls and flies down to pursue us.

Shale steps forward to block it's advance, and the beast is too big to get properly through the opening to us. It's lucky it so eager to engage us, as it can't get its wings or tail free to hit us.

We get some good hits off, but it breathes on us. Shale strikes it with grim determination, and Alissa looks scared out of her mind, but manages to get an arrow in its hide. Sorry, that's a failed wisdom save. Luke tries to use poison spray on it, without much effect, but some of his other spells work.

Shale goes down and I run forward to keep it from advancing either. I cast mirror images, and it almost immediately snaps at one of them, dissipating the image.

It looks about ready to go down, but it starts breathing in, as if to engulf us with ice again. Alissa misses with another arrow, and then everything goes dark for me.

I wake to Luke rousing me. It seems he managed to finish the dragon off.

The cloud giant rematerializes, and tells us we only have a moment before he teleports us away. We must take what we can of the hoard for ourselves before the defenses are activated.

+1 Longsword, +1 Longbow, +1 Leather Armor, Bracers of Defense. We also take 1028lb of silver, 5k gold, 800pp, 21 small blue sapphires worth 300g each, and one dragon claw each. Also all the teeth, all 46 of them.