One way or another, the final session of Victoriana.

Tali is in the country.

Time to take him. Her? Time to take them out.

Before we leave, Sidney tries to visit Gideon, her police contact, but he's missing apparently, and several cops are talking to his widow Wife?.

Sidney talks to a ghost, a old man in a rocking chair. A bunch of guys kidnapped Gideon. They fought the law, the law lost.

Amorth and Brenden Cruinn go shopping. They buy a lot of grenades.

Freddy doesn't ask questions.

Brenden notices a corpse under a white sheet.

The house is called Tomberry Court. There are spirits watching and guarding the house.

I levitate Brenden, but he decides he doesn't want to mess with the spirits.

Sidney picks a door, and we find ourselves in a parlor.

Through one door we find a monstrous creature, with purple flesh and tentacles and a stinger and one horn and one eye.

Brenden takes a grenade from his bag of grenades and throws it, but it's a dud. The creature stings Brenden and Brenden goes berserk. Sidney moves in to kill the creature, and gets a hit off, but Jeff attacks her. Amorth finishes off the creature, and Brenden collapses giggling.

Another door, and another demon. It's a warrior demon.

Amorth lays a trap by laying a grenade on the ground. I think Jeff does something dumb. The demon steps on the grenade, collapsing the roof on it. After a few more grenades, and Sidney's dagger, it is slain.

But the house is also on fire.

Amorth blows a hole into the other building. "This is how one makes an entrance."

Sidney puts her fairy bowl on her head, and runs into the building. I follow.

We open the gate, and Sidney sees a guy on the deck in the other building, and she runs after him and catches him.

Amorth questions him with his eyes. He tells us his master is in the basement, which is accessed via "our death!" He starts burning, and Amorth jumps out of the way, barely avoiding causing the grenades strapped to his chest from exploding.

Dan tells us he wants his ten thousand years of darkness when we lose.

The cultist is still technically alive, so Sidney knows his living history. She sees an androgynous elderin cast a spell on cultist, who comes up through a kitchen trap door.

Brenden checks the kitchen, and finds another demon, so he throws his grenade bag at it and jumps out. The demon dies, and Brenden's soul perishes. Edwin Ingram comes forth.

We're not getting into the basement via the kitchen.

Amorth's spell is almost up, so Amorth makes the man in purple, which we brought with us, run into the stables with most of the rest of Amorth's grenades. He blows up. Amorth is a wicked man. "At least I'm not evil," Amorth says.

We head over to the stable, and a man in the treeline takes a shot at Amorth. The bullet hits Amorth, barely avoiding a grenade.

Sidney and Edwin take out the cultist, and Amorth and I take cover behind the stables. Amorth falls unconscious, and explodes. I barely leap out of the way.

Chad goes to hell and joins the demonic legion.

We look in the stable, and find nothing.

But in front of the front gate, we spot an androgynous Elderin. Tali, with two demonic whores flanking with shotguns.

Tali seems interested in a one-on-one fight, so I give Sidney an activated rune, and Edwin finds one of Brenden's still activated runes as well.

Sidney fights Tali, and they seem equally matched. Jess burns fate points like mad. Jeff and I have plenty to spare.

Sidney finally lands a lucky blow, hitting Tali in the gut. Tali is surprised, and the demonic whores advanced with shotguns.

Edwin and I manage to take them out, although I have more difficulty than Edwin.

Tali charges me, knocking me out.

I awake. Edwin has tended to my wounds. Tali is dead.

The world is saved?