April 23th, 1880

Another session of Victoriana.

Sidney is having a night out drinking. If it wasn't for her association with Father Amorth, the only things she'd ever do is drink and thieve. There's talk about a gang on the north side that pushed three gangs out. Their leader is leader is said to be insane. Apparently, it's the Flats, who had already been causing trouble near the docks, and now have apparently been responsible for several brutal killings. The first was a man found mutilated and burned near the train station, and the other was a flayed middle class man. The police have so far hushed up the matter.

Sidney leaves the gin palace, and is walking down the street. She walks around a corner and walks straight through a rather well dressed gnome. He apologizes to Sidney, and Sidney responds. Apparently the gnome didn't expect her to actually see him, as he is a ghost.

He has sharp features, with a hawkish nose and a white poly tail, and wears glasses. He introduces himself as Rigel Bloomberg. He was once was a beer brewer. And since Sidney can see him, perhaps she can help him. Perhaps Sidney can bring his killers to justice.

Rigel had been visiting his grandson in Cornwall, and had just taken the train back to London. It was late at night, and he attempted to take a shortcut back to his brewery, but it did not end well, as he was ambushed by a gang. They had cards on their hands, identifying them as the Flats, and they brutally attacked him and then set his corpse on fire.

Sidney goes to Edwin Ingram with Rigel in tow. Freddie is still gone, and apparently Edwin is doing some sort of research.

Sidney tells Edwin that someone needs help. A special someone. You know, like a ghosty. Edwin sees supernatural and sees him too. Edwin asks him some questions, and at first has doubts on taking the case, as he needs to manage his shop, but eventually agrees. He sends messengers to Father Amorth, Lord Gavin and I.

I'm reading the newspaper when a messenger arrives. The second page of the international news talks about a recent coup in Albania. A man named Morris Gage has led a revolution. He calls himself Varinius Silvinus, and what's more, he's now marching on Greece.

The messenger has an invitation to a ball in a week. It is being hosted by Duke Gabriel Etholl of Summerset for his grand nephew Gabriel.

Another messenger arrives. This one indicates an urgent request from Edwin Ingram.

We meet up, and then we go to the site where the ghastly murder took place.

Sidney sneaks around, and inspects the scorch marks. It does not smell like brimstone. Sidney touches the marks and sees what happened.

In her vision, several people descend on Rigel, including several unwashed teenagers. One is an ogre, with a large meat cleaver. One guy takes out a knife, and cuts out Rigel's eyes, tongue, liver and heart. The various organs go in a wood box, lined with cloth and straw. The corpse is then set on fire.

All of the attackers have multiple card tattoos. The ogre has the most, and all have at least an ace.

Sidney relates what she saw to the rest of our party, and we return to Father Amorth's flat, as it is closest. But first, Sidney goes off to ask around a bit.

Sidney finds a man who works apparently works for the Daily Days. He knows where the Flats congregate. They're up to something wicked, and the organ stealing we're investigating seems like more of their wickedness. Sidney wants to know why they're doing it, and he tells her to come to the Daily Days in a day at 2 o'clock.

Sidney finds a man, but this one is old. He's a grumpy old man with a cane, and makes noises when Sidney mentions the Flats. Apparently they killed his grandmamas on old Kent rode, which is southeast of here. Noone liked grandmama though. He mentions they're in the sewers just south of Surrey Canal. Sidney asks if they found the body, and if any organs were taken. No, she killed two of them, and the police took them and didn't take her organs or anything.

We plan to drug a Flat. Sidney borrows a few shillings, and then she and Edwin Ingram go to look for some opium dens.

They get to a smoke filled opium den, and Edwin feels just super.

A gnome and an ogre run this den. The ogre has a basket on his chest for the gnome to sit in.

Sidney asks about the Flat, and they tell her the Flats have quite the reputation. The gnome is quite nervous, but calms down after Sidney gives him a few shillings. He really doesn't want word getting out that he may have ratted out a Flat, but says that in an hour and a half that a flat will be in the back room, the third on the left.

Sidney gives him another shilling, and to give the guy an little extra.

Sidney waits, and then Charles (the ogre half of the partnership) drags the gut out for Sidney. This Flat has a joker, a jack, and a queen.

Sidney and Edwin takes the Flat back to Father Amorth's flat. On the way, they're questioned by police, but Sidney is used to getting harassed by them, and brushes it off.

The Flat's breath is shallow. Sidney gets the bad humors out by thumping his chest.

Father Amorth bleeds out of his eyes, but oh my those eyes would make you do anything. At least, when the Flat suddenly wakes up, Father Amorth's eyes makes the Flat do what he wants. The Flat vomits.

We interrogate the Flat. The card tattoos indicate crimes committed. The Ace means murder, the Joker means burglary, the king means arson, the queen rape, and the jack mugging.

Both told them to steel the organs, and he's the right hand man of the organization. He's an ogre, and is usually personally involved with all the particularly nasty business. He only wears a loin cloth, and has an M on his forehead. Sidney asks what the M means, and the Flat says it's supposed to be a W.

We asks how would we contact Both. The Flat tells us there's a smallish house in a nice area that they moved to now, because the last hideout got infested with giant rats. Just stay out of the sewers.

What's the passphrase? Knock 4 times, 3 times, and then 4 times the Flat says.

We ask more about the Flats. There are about fifteen members, but they gain and lose members all the time. They cut out organs, because Both told them to. Sam is their leader. He's a human with long scars on his forehead, and missing some feet teeth.

Our prisoner doesn't know what the organs are being used for.

Dan hates us so much.

We go to the Flats' current hideout. The area is a bit rundown, and there's no one about.

Rigel the ghost is still following us, and this place makes him nervous. We convince him to scout out the house.

After a few minutes, he returns and tells us there are six men, including two that were at his murder. One of them is an ogre with an M on his forehead.

Sidney does the knock, and and a man with a jack, queen and an ace on his hands answers the door. Father Amorth looks him in the eyes, those eyes those beautiful eyes.

We ask him some questions, and he says his buddies and him were just playing dice. They moved here recently after their last headquarters were overrun by giant rats. The other guys here are Eric, Frank, Time, Both and Steve. Sam was here but won't be back for a while. His name is Bob.

We have Bob lead us to Both and Bob lies to his friends the we're delivering "the stuff". He leads us up the stairs, knocks on the door, saying that there is someone to meet the person on the other side.

Both opens the door, and looks at Father Amorth. Father Amorth's eyes are ever compelling.

It's a crappy office, and we ask him why he's harvesting organs. He indicates that it is Sam's directive. We ask him when Sam will be back up and he puts up 8 or 9 fingers and looks confused.

We ask what the W means, and he says that's what it's supposed to be, but it's a M.

Apparently Sam takes the organs somewhere, and Tim does the cutting. Father Amorth tells the Ogre to make Tim come in, and the ogre yells for him. As soon as Tim comes up, Father Amorth has the ogre knock him out cold.

Much to Sidney's disappointment, Tim doesn't have his knife on him. We ask Both if Sam has an office here, but he doesn't.

Father Amorth takes Bob and Both to the police station, coaching them on how to confess as they go. The rest of us wait for Sam.

We hear a secret knock, and mumbled talking downstairs and we can make out that a priest left with Both and people (us) are waiting in his office.

A couple guys come up, and a knock comes at the door. Sidney opens the door just long enough to pull a guy in before slamming the door. The guy outside yells down to Sam that there's a problem.

Sidney knocks the guy out, and Edwin opens the doorway to peer down the hallway. The other guy has already run back down the stairs. Sidney runs down the stairs after him.

Sidney, Edwin and I fight in the narrow hallway. Upstairs, Lord Gavin unboards a window and exits it. Sidney takes out a guy, and Edwin takes out another unload all six barrels of his gun.

Sam punches Edwin in the nose. I shoot through a wall, suppressing the other two men around the corner.

Lord Gavin opens the main door, and the man on the other side skewers him. Edwin runs back up the stairs, and jumps out of the window and the jump is too much for him.

Sidney and I kill the two men still inside, and we rush out of the building. Sidney kills the final man, and we stabilize Edwin and Lord Gavin, saving them from death.

Sidney searches Sam, finds six shilling and a Celtic symbol that looks like a broom.

Rigel Bloomberg disappears, his killers having been brought to justice.

At the police station, the police have a hard time understanding Both.

The Daily Days does a report on us. Dan says it's excellent is that good or bad?

Lord Gavin and I go to the ball. Jordan approaches us, and seems to have a strange interest in celtic gods. He seems kinda creepy, and his intentions seem odd. I mention the name Vinotonus, and he seems really interested in the name, but I'm unsure if he knows the name already or not. He promises to speak to us later.

Duchess Hambledon and Adeena are here as well. Lord Gavin approaches them, and Adeena mentions that she might be willing to trade for information about celtic gods. Lord Gavin has nothing, but I think I might have something interesting.

Earlier, I had done some tests on a sample of one of the creatures from our trip to Blackwood. I hadn't discovered anything especially useful, just that the creature's flesh was partially on this plane as well as another, and had properties of both a liquid and a solid. Luckily, I still had about half the sample left.

I offer to send her the rest of my sample, and she accepts. I ask her some questions, and find that Cold Iron generally works well against the Fey, but works less well on his plane. Somnium is the home to many Fey, including him, as it is the plane of dreams. Mortals visit this plane often, but only mentally, not physically.

TODO List: Research the Fey and Celtic gods some more, find out what the broom symbol means. Should have asked Adeena what it meant, whoops.