Victoriana. It's time for a new character!

Knock knock.

No answer.

Knock knock.

William Hume told me Amorth might be too paranoid to talk. But what if he's not even here?

Maybe I can find Sidney.

Knock knock.

A muffled voice from behind the door. She obviously doesn't trust me, but I mention William Hume sent me, and she says she'll talk. At Ingram's and Taylor's. Yes, I know how to find that store.

At Ingram's and Taylor's I explain to Sidney and Brenden Cruinn that I am a Men of Letters, and the Fama Fraternalitis has targeted them. Oh, where's their other companion Freddie Amorth? Oh, no, Amorth arrives before too long.

A bobby comes along, and Amorth and Brenden seems nervous, but Sidney knows him. He needs something taken care of. There's been murders with suspected magical involvement, which mean the guild is supposed to take care of it, but the guild isn't listening.

The victims have been torn to shreds, and the murders were near Wapping Chadwell. Walda Doyle, August 23rd. Eduardo Fox, August 26th. Jonna Franklin, September 1st. Domminic Watkins, September 4th.

It appears the police have other matters to attend to.

The group reluctantly considers me, and accepts my help, so we walk over to where the murders occured. It's not a long walk. Walking is great without little legs.

With second sight I can sense that demonic magic was used here. It's pretty secluded and it doesn't look like anyone would have seen anything.

Brenden finds some blood, and Sidney psychometries it, seeing a vision. A man wearing purple and a woman are talking and I'm not paying attention and then a demon comes out of him, becomes solid, and rips the woman apart. It kisses her on the forehead, and then disappears. Sidney notices a metal figure pinned to his jacked, a ruby eye in a gold circle.

I recognize the symbol from Sidney's description. This is related to the frat cult.

Brenden asks around. Nobody saw anything.

We check the locations of the other three murders, and finds some shreds of clothing. One even has a diary, but nothing of interest is in it, other than when she was passing through. Sorry Dan, since I wasn't paying attention to the first murder, at this point I thought all the murders were just random people passing through. Sorry. Sorry.

After a while, we go to the Queen's Guard Tower, near the docks. The workers there are doing what workers do, which is to complain about their foreman. One of them speaks to us, and he says he saw a man in purple alright. He went north.

Sidney talks to some ghosts, and they're scared of it, whatever it is. The ghosts came back when the man in man in purple left. Towards Lightchapel road.

We decide to séance one of the killed people, so we visit the sewers. But we're being followed.

The rest of us hide, in case ambush, but it's a man Amorth knows, and is not happy to see.

He wants Amorth's help on a case, and offers his assistance to help Amorth finishes his. Amorth refuses, and he tells Amorth to report in, and that's not a suggestion.

We do the séance, and the first ghost appears. Eduardo Fox. Eduardo says he was jumped by a creature most foul which took his soul to the pale, but Amorth's call was strong enough. Naberius, had him, an upper-ranking demon. Eduardo Fox always warns his friends. There was a man or woman cloaked and wearing a mask, and his soul was used by this figure to remove a ruby, which released a demon. The statue was about nine feet tall, a woman with 4 arms and a necklace. Kali.

Amorth asks the spirit that if he wants to be put to rest, to be brought where he belongs. Eduardo Fox is grateful for this, and agrees. Anything is better than the pale.

We repeat the process with another one of the victims, without much fanfare. However, the third spirit we try it on causes a burst of fire. The spirit yells at us how she serves her true master now, and an androgynous eledrin with demonic features emerges from behind her, and attacks us.

Brenden dispatches the demon, and we exit the premises.

After a night spent at my secret library, we continue our investigation.

Sidney talks to her police friend, and we find the address of the first victim.

Sidney picks the door's lock, and investigate, not finding much of interest except the locked basement door.

In the basement we find a raised altar, and on the back wall, various books in foreign languages. There is also a shelf full of ingredients, that look to be what a demonologist would use. There's also journal on the counter, which mentions Kali.

Sidney finds a secret compartment in the altar. A magic ring, and a voodoo doll, and an imp in a bottle.

Amorth séances Walda for the second time causes a blast of hellfire, but she offers no useful information, so Amorth forcibly puts her to rest. While the final spirit, Domonic, is being séance I head up the stairs a bit.

As I step up the stairs, I see a man in a purple cloak stepping down. He sees me, and summons a demon, so I summon a cloud of smoke, and run back into the room, yelling that our adversary is here with a friend.

Sidney and Brenden quickly dispatch the demon.

He sees his demon dead, and starts telling us how we may have beaten his pet, but we'll never beat his master. Tali will take vengeance on us, and will bring ten thousand years of darkness.

Amorth uses a spell to force the man in purple to tell us where to find Tali.

He tells us.