Continuing where we left of in the last Victoriana, we're trying to retrieve the book of Dagda.

Another meadow. This one has a sour looking dwarf. Sept 1st 1880

He isn't happy to talk to me, claiming I am lost, and my family too.

Father Amorth asks if he has the book we speak, and he pulls it out from behind his tree stump. It looks like it's probably it.

He tells us we need to be in touch with nature, which Sidney manages to convince him she at least has a bond with nature. But he demands we defend our need, and we tell him of the demon who hunts us.

I mention the name Vinotonus, and try to tell him Vinotonus once tried to subjugate pagans such as himself, so perhaps it would fulfill his own need. As soon the name Vinotonus leaves my mouth, he is convinced, and tells us we can have the book, but only for a year and a day. He cautions us to use the book well, for if we misuse it, its curse will be upon us.

Before we return to London, we take a look around Belfast, to see if there's anything interesting to buy in town. I end up finding a chest to protect the book, and attune it to myself. Boy, that's going to cause problems later.

Edwin Ingram decides he wants to buy a gun, but Brenden Cruinn would rather buy a new coat. Edwin overcomes and buys the gun.

Before we lock the book away on our journey back, Brenden inspects the book, and finds three rituals that we are in particular interested in.

The first is a sealing ritual, likely to be quite useful if we managed to defeat Vinotonus. We need the bones of a one thousand year old creature, a diamond, and to imprison him in the diamond.

The second ritual is a ritual of gaining, that gives strengthens the ritualist in body or mind. It increases one attribute by one. It requires a blood sacrifice Between sheep and person, inclusively. during a waxing moon, and some material that would cost 5 pounds.

The last ritual would enchant an item, and takes material that costs 10 pounds.

We make it back to London. The captain of the zeppelin is a polar bear beastman. Father Amorth takes the chest, and hides it in his secret "shrine".

I talk to my brother, who is again drunk and high. Someone was looking for me he tells me, and apparently my brother made sure to tell him everything about me.

I ask about family visiting, and he says it'll be good.

Edwin Ingram visits Freddy, and finds the shop has been cordoned off. Freddy has been injured, but is in good spirits, as always. A short, blond haired man came in, and Freddie tried to kill him because he was a demonologist. Jordan Etholl, probably.

He'll be with Rogers.

Sidney returns home, and Verne, one of her old gang buddies comes to see her. People have been looking for her, church people. The inquisition have named her, and her choker friend.

Sidney goes to see one of her other friends, Emma, who was a maternal figure to her. Sidney spots two people talk to Emma though, and reads their lips. They're looking for Sidney and Father Amorth.

Sidney decides she should go see Father Amorth instead.

She tells Father Amorth what she saw, and Father Amorth leaves for one of his boltholes immediately.

The crows watch Father Amorth as he leaves.

Sidney visits me next, and tells me people are looking for us. I wonder if they're Americans and she tells me no, church people. Brenden arrives too, and says Etholl is looking for us.

Sidney tells me how to contact Father Amorth.

I think the american might be associated with the Kinder von Ušumgallu, and I write a letter to the Men of Letters, requesting any help they might be able to provide.

I also do some research, and find out what Boudica's ring does. +2 to all attributes, +2 armor, +2 hp, +2 skills, +6 magic check. +6 damage check. Every day the ring is worn, ages you one year. Can only be taken off after 100 days have passed, and after that it's hard to keep on your finger. A very powerful ring, which grants the wearer power at a steep cost. Father Amorth would probably benefit the most, but ultimately would it do anything but continue him on his dark path?

Edwin Ingram visits an old friend. Quince Valonark. Valonark lost touch with Edwin, and doesn't realize Edwin now inhabits a new body, and if he did know, wants nothing to do with him, and is rather sympathetic to Jordan Etholl.

A newspaper reports the death of Lord Whitehouse. He was killed by his fiancée.

Brenden Cruinn is suspicious of the man loitering outside my flat, and goes out to talk to him.

The black haired man is wearing a suit, and he says howdy to Brenden. Brenden lies and tells him he's security, and he calls Brenden a liar. He says Americans has a way with dealing liars.

Brenden asks him what they do with spies.

I hear shots fired, and by the time I get out to look, the man is unconscious with Brenden searching his body. Brenden finds a card with an Eye and a P, and decides he should finish the man off. Edwin disapproves, and prevents the man's murder.

I ask what happened, and he says just lie and get out of here. I go back inside.

I ask Brenden what happened, he just says say you saw a beast man run off in the night, and runs off. I go back inside.

The police canvas the area, and they talk to me. The elderin, Shelly Wood, does most of the talking. They don't seem completely satisfied, but they leave.

The next morning, I am informed by my servants that men of clergy are here to talk to me.

Three priests in black, all human. They introduce themselves. Harvey Love, Jonathon Howe, Katrina Bensen.

They tell me they're looking to talk to Father Amorth. They know I was with him in Belfast.

I ask them what I should tell him if I see him again. They seem unsure of what to say and first, and then tell me they want a report on his last mission. I tell them if I see him again, I will relay the message.

They wonder about the shooting in the paper, but I don't respond. They thank me and leave.

Edwin Ingram feels a familiar darkness in his bolt hole. Crows and ravens are watching him.

He tries to leave, and a familar face is in the way. Jordan Etholl.

Edwin tries to find another exit, but the Badb is waiting. Jordan Etholl tells Edwin he just wants a friendly conversation. He smiles and offers Edwin a pastry.

"Mr. Ingram. You released me from the trappings of politics. The random killings too, except still doing those. I do not expect you to understand. But I could help you out."

He pauses and then continues. "I have your old body. I found it, and stitched it up." He tells Brenden he wants a simple task. Just a couple of lords are targets. An ex-MP. "Two lives hang in the balance...the life of the killer...", he finishes.

Edwin runs and tells Sidney all about his fun experience. He tells her Jordan wants us to kill someone Screw you Dan. but we'll kill Jordan first.

Father Amorth sees an inquisitor he once knew. Jack Taylor. But before Jack Taylor sees Father Amorth, Father Amorth makes a beggar provide a distraction, and gets away.

Edwin feels another presence, and Father Amorth borrows some weaponry from Freddie. A 4 bore elephant gun.

I'm alerted to Jordan's demands, and our planned response.

I leave for the meeting place, and I notice some people trying to hide. Men from Scotland yard.

We're at a burned out warehouse. I have no idea why it's burned out. Must have been an accident.

We see a flock of birds, and Jordan Etholl comes in. He wipes down a bloodstained blade, and puts it in his suit pocket.

He asks if we've accepted his offer.

We answer with a rain of bullets.

Edwin fights Jordan, and I offer a few helpful shots. Brenden ends up outside the warehouse, and Brenden's personality comes forward to beat Jordan back.

Sidney is fighting the Badb, and Father Amorth and I try to interfere with the Badb. It helps, some.

A psychic presence joins Brenden's mind, and paralyzes him.

Sidney finishes the Badb off, causing an explosion of dead crows. It seems as if one of the crows gives a little nod before its neck snaps.

Sidney chases Jordan down, and stabs him to death.

Outside is one of the officers from Scotland Yard. His throat has been slit.

We inspect Jordan's body, and find a day journal, a pendant, and a silver bracelet.

We leave, and I soon find that the dead officer will make my life very difficult...