Dan is winging this session of Victoriana.

There's some things that need to be taken care of. First things first, I sold the expensive tome to the guild. They seem very interested in it, and concerned why I didn't involve them earlier, but when I tell them it was from overseas, they relax a bit.

I also do some research on weapons to fight against Venotonus. The Aluminat weapons all seems to be various melee weapons, so I spend a little more time looking at the pagan weapons:

  • The Holy Branch of Dana, which seems that it changes the nature of battle itself.
  • The Book of Dagda, which contains rituals. One is a sealing ritual, and seems to also have some rituals of empowerment.
  • Two weapons, an Axe of Morgan (which is probably related to Badba), and the Silver Blade of Neuada.

Brenden Cruinn is also dealing with important matters, like selling treasures from the demons. Sidney comes along, and inspects the ring, which gives her a vision of people dissolving into dust.

They also look into selling the gladius, but don't find any good buyers, so they come to visit me.

Apparently Sidney says a rude thing about puppies, and oh, hello, Edwin Ingram.

I get to my flat after Sidney and Edwin, to find a letter waiting for me.

My father is going to visit in a week. My older brother is coming as well. sigh There's not really enough room for all of us.

Edwin and Sidney show me the gladius, and I think I can probably find a buyer. I look at the ring too, and I see some gaelic symbols. Probably used by Boudica against the Romans, and is a very powerful ring. I'll have to do some research later, when I get a chance.

We agree that the Book of Dagda is the most interesting, so I do some research to see if I can find where it might be located. Best bet are some druids in Northern Ireland who are hiding from the church.

We head to Belfast. It seems to be a city of advanced technology.

I decide checking out the local university would be the best course of actions, and Sidney comes along. Edwin doesn't come. He sees birds watching him. Father Amorth doesn't come either, he seems interested in the gift shop.

Sidney and I check the local library first. I speak to a halfling, who seems aghast that we'd be researching druidry. I ask about where I could find holy sites though, and she tells us where the correct reference section is.

There's a man in the aisle. I'm pretty sure he's a thug. Dan tells me I'm sure it isn't. I'm pretty sure it is.
It's not a thug.

It's the Badb.

Sidney fights it, and to get a better shot, I run around to the other side. But before I can shoot the Badb, I spot Jordan Etholl lurking in another aisle, and I yell at him to release the Badb. He ignores me, so I shoot him, and looks at his wound, before running off. From behind me, the Badb turns into a flock of crows and flies past me, grazing me.

Sidney has been wounded, but there's not a lot I can do for her, so I try to search quickly for the information we need. Luckily, I find it, and we leave quickly. Strangely, Jordan's blood is gone, and the librarian didn't seem to notice anything.

We return to Edwin and Father Amorth. They heal Sidney, and I tell them about where the druids might be located. There is three possible locations: The Havagard Grove, Savard Canyon, and Yale Ruins. Havagard Grove would be great, but instead we go to Yale Ruins.

We arrive, after several hours, and Father Amorth says he hears chanting.

Around a pool, are several humans sit, casually dressed, chanting in gaelic.

They bring food and wine, and consider our request for the Book of Dagda. They are sorry we are having troubles, and tell us we must see the keepers. Go into this cave here, and we'll meet them. It's a rite of passage they have all gone through, and now we must, to prove our worth.

I lead the way, and we go down. After several minutes, the cave splits, and we take the second path.

The cave becomes more tangled in vines, and we can hear birds chirping. After another bend, we find ourselves in sunlight, at a meadow.

A bald man with a great big bushy beard is sitting next to a babbling brook.

Edwin talks to him, and he tells us he has lived here many years. He rambles a bit about blades of grass, and a large housecat, before he tells us that he is just the first step of our journey.

We must prove our wisdom, and he provides us with a riddle.

What force and strength
cannot get through,
I, with gentle touch, can do;
And many in these twisted halls would stand,
Were I not, as a friend, at hand...

We spend quite a while without coming up with the answer (it's a key) so Dan gives us a different riddle.

What is the thing come in sheets cannot be folded or gather again

Before I'm even finished typing Jeff exclaims "It's rain"

The old man tells us he is impressed with us. ... Take the cave to our left.

We go through the cave, and find a woman sitting.

She is just a humble woman, seeking charity. Father Amorth gives her a penny, and she points us in a direction. Okay.

We head down the hall, until we see a door, with torches in it. We go in.

I try to open the far door, and suddenly the previous door slams shut, almost hitting Father Amorth. We can hear something in the walls, and then...

...we see the horrible colossal tentaclely faced monstrosity, except we can't see anything other than its head stuck through the wall. Apparently one penny is not much for charity.

We fight it, dealing massive damage. I score some good shots, but as I'm reloading, a tentacle whirls to hit, and Brenden slices the tentacle off, saving me from oblivion.