In this Mutants and Masterminds session, we're all going to die?

Shroud resurrects the red headed woman. The red head is red headed.

She seems a big confused, and asks if they changed the bounty. No, she's a free woman. But Shroud understands her.

She's a pretty average looking human, but she indicates a clear awareness some things off-planet.

Shroud asks why there was a bounty on her. She lists off a lot of things, but she thinks vandalizing the Andromeda political campaign probably did it.

She leaves, but she leaves Chad her frequency. ♪ Call me. ♪

We talk to the other prisoners. Joshua Wolfe seems a bit bad tempered and paranoid, and he doesn't like aliens. Luckily Shroud has an illusion, otherwise he would have never been able to get him to promise to return the favor. Just once.

Nicolai is happy we saved him and his sister.

Before we deal with Captain X's missing friend (Where), we need to stop by the manor.

Captain X takes a remote, which he had been keeping save, and gives it to Lux. Lux presses it, and an elevator rises from the dirt where the manor once was. We all pile in, except Shroud, as the manor begins reconstructing itself.

We arrive in the basement, where Mr. Hogarth is waiting for us.

He tells us Miss Mary has taken residence up in the hall. She's quite delusional, believing herself to be Bloody Mary. Oh yes, and she's a ghost. She can be contained, with electricity and a strange trap that looks like a lantern.

Mr. Hogarth asks us not to damage anything.

Shroud goes to the private dining room upstairs.

We're not there.

Neither is the dining room table, so he creates it.

Neither is Jack McCoy, so he creates a McCoy as well. Stuffed. It's not real.

Michael Schroeder's drone comes up to Shroud, and convinces Shroud to come down to the basement, where the rest of us are.

Mr. Hogarth asks Shroud what he wants him to do with the McCoy.

There's a lot of junk in the lab.

We go to where the ghost is supposed to be hiding, and we hear whispering.

"Look into the mirror."

She flies out at us. She's wearing a white gown, and has excessively claw-like nails.

Michael and Jack attack, and one of Jack's shots goes wide, exploding a chemical which blinds me.

The blindness leaves me, and I mentally grapple her. I can feel her seething crazy.

She freezes and starts screaming. Everything explodes. Some ghost lanterns explode too. What are they doing here? One explodes into a sonic boom, one into electricity, and another the light simply goes out of. An alarm goes off.

Jack doesn't leave anything half-done, and explodes everything else in the room. The sprinklers go on, extinguishing a purple fire. Shroud creates a concrete cocoon around himself.

Mary has been stoned, and Jack takes the ghost lantern Mr. Hogarth had given to him and shoves it into Mary. She's sucked into it.

I can sense two other minds in the room, that don't seem to belong, so I mentally grapple one of them.

Above Shroud's cocoon a batlike creature that crackles with electricity appears. Jack absorbs some of its power. Michael tries to stun it, and Jack collects it.

Michael tries to move, but his feet are sticking to the ground. In one corner, is a creature with tendrils that extend into the room, bursting into black motes. Jack charges it with another lantern.

Shroud leaves his cocoon, and the room unseals.

Mr. Hogarth seems speechless. Lux doesn't seem to notice, and Captain X seems amused.

Lux has more ghost lanterns. She seems less pleased when Jack tells her about the destruction in lab. She glows a little bit. That's not a good thing, unless you want to level the city.

Lux is concerned about a crate in the lab. Shroud retrieves it, and she opens it, revealing several syringes. She suggests using them against the poison in the house.

Michael is wandering around upstairs.

He finds Kaz, who is being followed by a space rat with glowing red eyes. Kaz seems to be dismantling some large gym equipment.

Michael's drone comes down and tells us Michael is checking out some noise, and then we hear some loud booming.

The lights go out near Michael, and he sees a little girl drenched in blood. She grins at him, so he runs away.

Michael notices some blood splatters on his suit, and wet footprints leading from a door to the basement. He runs, and trips, falling into the liquidy embrace of the hallway, landing below the floor. A copper smell pervades the area.

I sense some minds upstairs, and we investigate. Shroud feels a hole close in the hallway, and Jack tries to punch the ground where the whole. Is no effect, so Shroud helps, but it just seems normal.

Michael tries to fly out of wherever he is, and the floor starts closing up. He lands on a hard surface, and hears laughter.

I sense another mind in the dining room, which we hurry to. We find Michael, covered in a reddish liquid, which he claims is blood. It begins to rain. Inside.

Michael's drone arrives, and the doors all lock around us. Shroud opens a portal to the gym, and he sees Kaz with his space rat. He's still disassembling gym equipment, but he seems fine.

One of the minds has moved, to the anteroom. We check it out. Jess seems to think this is funny.

The lights are out in the antechamber. There's also a very large watery entity in the room, about eight feet tall. It's figure slumps, and we can see Oscar within its enormous mass.

Jack tries to rush into the creature to dislodge Oscar, but it sloshes away. It's water collapses, and turns murky, and it vanishes, leaving Oscar behind.

Oscar seems confused, and Shroud tells him he was in a slimy situation, and sends him to the Gym where Kaz is.

Michael suddenly runs away, screaming something about a girl in blood. Shroud stops him, and Michael babbles incoherently. He gets out of his suit, and stumbles forward, and Shroud stabs Michael with one of the syringes.

Michael feels a little better, and he gets back in his suit.

We hear some a tittering sound, and Shroud senses that his McCoy doll has been moved. He also senses a small amount of water in the main dining hall, and Kaz's rat seems to be facing off with him.

Shroud reopens his portal to the gym. Oscar is unconscious, and the space rat is attacking Kaz. Shroud grabs it, and Kaz squints. Something explodes out of his head, and it reforms into the giant water monster.

We all attack it, and explodes in a shower of water, which the rat starts lapping up.

A sonic boom echos in the room.

I sense a mind in the treadmill in the corner of the room, and it seems to attack me, preventing me from doing anything.

Jack talks to Kaz, and Kaz says there are two ghosts. One is in the gym equipment, but he isn't sure which. The rat finishes lapping up the water, and its red eyes stop glowing.

Jack electrifies everything, and I recover enough to help with the ghost of treadmill. Jack runs off to get some more ghost lanterns.

I sense that the McCoy doll is where the other ghost is.

The doll has moved, and its heart and eyes are bleeding.

Michael blows the doll up. "That was intense."

I sense a mind outside on the other side of the door that leads from the private dining room to the main dining room. Michael goes through the door, destroying it, and water Blood rushes into the room. He trips over the doll, which is now aparently in the other room. Hmm?

Jack McCoy sees her. He sees her bleeding eyes. Everything is blood to him.

She blurs to the sides, and I mental blast her, and everything becomes very confusing.

Shroud attacks the wall, and Jack also attacks it with a ghost lantern.

And Michael is bleeding? The ghost must have possessed him. I attack him, but he retaliates, knocking me out.

I recover. Michael is knocked out. Behind Shroud, I see the ghost, I yell and attack it, and Michael sinks into the ground.

Shroud has had it up to here with this nonsense.

I recover, to see something blur and collapse near Shroud. Jack collects it with a ghost lantern. There's a tiny house in the lantern, it looks like.

The house hates us.

Outside, in the distance car alarms are going off.

Jack recovers all the lanterns, and gives them to Lux.

Captain X still seems amused. "Interesting operation you have here."

The house sways, as an earthquake shakes it, and the car alarms suddenly shut off. Another EMP.